The Third ANQAHE Regional Conference-2018 is dedicated to the general theme of Quality Higher Education in the 21ST Century: Achieving Effectiveness and Adding Value.

The conference is hosted and organized by the Kuwait's National Bureau for Academic Accreditation and Education Quality Assurance (NBAQ) in collaboration with the Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ANQAHE). The conference is generously funded by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS). It will be held in Kuwait City, March 28-29, 2018. Four pre-conference workshops will be held on 27th March 2018.

Overview of the Conference’s General Theme

Against a shifting regional socio-economic landscape, institutions of tertiary education in the Arab world strive to sustain across-the-board effectiveness. Good practices provide institutions with a solid foundation to achieve optimal effectiveness and assure academic/vocational programs that create value, i.e., a human capital that is well-qualified and aligned with the developmental needs of the state, industry, and society. 

Through the conference’s workshops and sessions, the participants will discuss, consider, evaluate, and identify timely good practices that promote institutional effectives in various areas of performance. Moreover, the participants will draw the new fundamentals of a tertiary quality education in relation to the current realities of knowledge-based economics, its responsibility toward the employability of graduates, and its commitment to strengthening the investible resources of the state. 

Another aim of the conference is to bring together regional national bodies that are tasked with quality assurance in order to develop further a network of experts who can promote change and reform in Arab tertiary education. 

The Conference Sub-Themes at a Glance

The conference will have eight sub-themes as follows: 

  1. The Challenges of Implementing Good Practices in the Arab Region. 
  2. Technology as a Facilitator of Implementing Good Practices. 
  3. Externally-Enforced Limitations on State Higher Education Institutions & Achieving Effective Performance Indicators.
  4. Internal Quality Assurance, Decentralization, and Stakeholders’ Empowerment: What Outcomes? 
  5. Case Studies of Good Practices and the Empowerment of Internal Stakeholders.
  6. The Globalization of Discipline-Specific Good Practices: A Feasible and Desirable Project? 
  7. Development and Implementation of National Qualifications Frameworks and their Impact on Quality Assurance in Higher Education.
  8. Focused on Growth: Tertiary Education for the 21st Century.

Call for Papers and Presentations 

The NBAQ invites extended abstracts of research, case studies, and presentations that address the conference’s sub-themes. While submitted abstracts may engage theoretical approaches to good practices, submissions should showcase implementation strategies and models, as well as empirical evaluation of the influences of implemented good practices. 

The scope of good practices that the conference’s sub-themes encompass is broad: Good practices regarding student development, curriculum reconstruction, institutional administrative re-structuring, library and information system management, engaging faculty in quality assurance processes, among other areas of institutional performance. The conference’s subthemes, moreover, encompass the issue of developing further the national qualifications framework. 

For the Conference’s full details and submission of abstracts, please visit the website: