Become a Member

The current INQAAHE Annual Membership fees are:

  • Full, Associate and Affiliate Members: 794 USD
  • Full, Associate and Affiliate Members from LDC/LIC countries: 397 USD

Members from LDC/LIC countries are eligible for a reduced fee. The LDC/LIC countries are listed by the World Bank as less developed countries or low-income countries. The complete list of LDC's can be found hereFor a list of LIC's, please click here.

Please note that the annual membership fee is always paid for one calendar year (from January until December). Memberships are renewed on a yearly basis unless the INQAAHE Secretariat informs otherwise. Membership fees can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.

The following reductions are applicable to new membership applications:

  • Membership applications approved between April-June: 25% reduction on the annual fee
  • Membership applications approved between July-September: 50% reduction on the annual fee
  • Membership applications approved between October-December: 75% reduction on the annual fee


Application process

The degree of compliance with the membership criteria is assessed through an internal review conducted by the INQAAHE Membership Committee.

  1. INQAAHE membership applicants need to submit their online application form through the INQAAHE website depending on the requested category (Full, Associate or Affiliate member).
    The application form asks for additional information required for a decision on membership, as this information is used for the members’ database. This saves the member of having to provide further information.
    The application fee (100 USD) is charged to applicants and is non-refundable in case the application is declined. This fee allows the application to be reviewed by the Membership Committee.
  2. Once payment of this application fee is received, the application is reviewed by the INQAAHE Membership Committee. This committee has the right to ask additional questions when the information provided by the applicant is not clear.
    The INQAAHE Membership Committee decides if the application fulfils the membership criteria through voting.
    INQAAHE Secretariat acts as a liaison for the Membership Committee and communicates the decision of the Membership Committee to the applicant. All communications to applicants are made via email.
  3. Once the INQAAHE membership application is accepted, the annual membership fee is invoiced (applying pro-rata amount of the annual fee based on the quarter in which they join).
  4. The organization’s details are uploaded in the INQAAHE database and the organization is given full access to its membership benefits after the INQAAHE Secretariat has received payment of the INQAAHE Membership fee.