INQAAHE Funding Scheme (IFS)

The central purpose and role of INQAAHE is to promote and advance excellence in higher education through the support of an active international community of quality assurance agencies. In order to achieve this goal, the Network focuses on the development of the theory and practice of quality assurance, the exchange and understanding of the policies and actions of its members, and the promotion of quality assurance for the benefit of higher education, institutions, students and society at large. 

As an integral component of INQAAHE's strategic plan for the period 2023-2027, there are two paramount objectives: bolstering research in the realm of quality assurance (QA) and fostering the development of membership capacity. To better serve members and ensure INQAAHE adds value to the operations and functions of its members, we offer the INQAAHE Funding Scheme (IFS). The IFS provides grants to INQAAHE members on a competitive basis to promote implementation of innovative and enhancement projects aimed at enhancement of quality assurance systems worldwide. 

The IFS is designed to: 

  • Create more capacity building for both advanced QA systems and developing ones; 

  • Increase opportunities for research and innovation in QA, in particular, the role of QA in the promotion of relevance of learning outcomes and employability; 

  • Enable enhanced cooperation among the INQAAHE members leading to a better understanding of the values, cultures and needs of different systems.

In the pursuance of these purposes, INQAAHE seeks proposals in two tracks:

Capacity Building projects (up to 3 projects, total funding available is 10,000 USD) > 2023-2024 call

Research and Innovation projects (up to 2 projects, total funding available is 2,500 USD) > 2023-2024 call

INQAAHE Funding Scheme Operational Manual 2017 (2019 revised version)
Please note that this version of the manual is currently under revision.