Guidelines of Good Practice

One arm of INQAAHE’s mission is to develop and promote standards of professional practice in QA. The professional practices that INQAAHE believes should be embedded in all quality agencies are set out in the Guidelines of Good Practice in Quality Assurance (commonly referred to as GGP). Thus the purpose of the GGP is to promote good practice for internal and/or external quality assurance. Specific goals include:

  • Creating a framework to guide the creation of new EQAAs
  • Providing criteria for use in the self and external evaluation of EQAAs
  • Promoting professional development among EQAAs and their staff
  • Promoting public accountability of EQAAs

As more agencies demonstrate how their procedures relate to the Guidelines, this will facilitate mutual understanding of how EQAAs operate, leading to greater possibilities for collaboration, and eventually an increase in mutual recognition of agencies’ decisions.

The original Guidelines of Good Practice were published in 2003 and were revised in 2006 and in 2016. This revision reflects the experience of the institutions, programs, and reviewers who have used the 2003 version. It is intended to continue the INQAAHE process of permanent improvement. Comments on the Guidelines may be sent to the INQAAHE Secretariat at any time.

INQAAHE Guidelines of Good Practice (2016)

The Guidelines contain an introduction and four sections.

  • Section I: The External Quality Assurance Agency (EQAA): Accountability, Transparency and Resources
  • Section II: Institutions of Higher Education and the EQAA: Relationship, Standards and Internal Reviews
  • Section III: EQAA Review of Institutions: Evaluation, Decision and Appeals
  • Section IV: External Activities: Collaboration with Other Agencies and Transnational/Cross-Border Education