Regional Standing Committees

The purpose of Regional Standing Committees is to better understand the regional needs and undertake regionally customized projects to better meet the diversity of needs in terms of both external and internal quality assurance.

  • Exploratory study on the specific needs of the regions
  • ​Developmental: capacity building based on the needs
  • ​Collecting and sharing most up-to-date information from the region to share with the members via the INQAAHE quarterly newsletter





Northern America

Leah Matthews

Joseph Vibert (ASPA, USA)
Patricia O’Brien (NEASC, USA)
Christopher Lambert (ACCSC, USA)
Deb Adair (Quality Matters, USA)

Latin America
and the Caribbean

Michael Bradshaw

Maria Jose Lemaitre (Chile)
Pamela Dottin (Barbados)
Guillermo Murillo (Colombia)


Vivek Gupta Ramnarain

Wondwosen Tamrat (St Mary's University, Ethiopia)


Angela Yung-Chi Hou
Karen Treloar

Jianxin Zhang (APQN, China)
Eddy Chong (FAA, Malaysia)

Western Europe

Orla Lynch


Eastern Europe
(including Central Asia and Mongolia)

Erika Soboleva


Arab Region

Naji AlMahdi

Susanna Karakhanyan (United Arab Emirates)
Tariq Al Sindi (Bahrain)
Bassam Alhamad (Bahrain)