As part of its 2013-2017 strategies, for the past years INQAAHE has been reevaluating its role as a global organization for quality assurance in higher education with the main aim to position itself nationally, regionally and internationally. For this, an impact study was conducted in 2017 where the major findings included the need to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of INQAAHE, as well as the need to remain relevant to its members and higher education systems, so as to meet the diverse requirements of all.

To respond to these needs, INQAAHE has undertaken a revision of its constitution, taking into consideration the challenges brought about by globalization, information and communications technology, diversification of higher education provisions, and more specifically, the growing diversity of quality assurance networks and providers.

This revision was both necessary and timely in order to project INQAAHE as a more sustainable, feasible and impactful organization in general, and to meet the needs of our members and higher education systems, in particular.

Constitution 2018