INQAAHE Forum 2022
Sustainable Quality Assurance: Optimizing Synergies between Artificial and Human Intelligence

June 8, 2022 at 13:00 Mexico City time


Almost overnight, and without asking us whether we wanted it or not, universities had to go into remote mode from one moment to the next because of the corona. The order of the day was to switch to digital teaching. Many universities could build on a pool of different digital teaching formats, but this was not a routine.
The task for the future is now to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the situation that has been thrust upon us to continue to drive digital transformation at universities.
This is where FIBAA's seal of quality assurance and further development of digital teaching comes in. As part of an intensive review process and through pilot procedures, FIBAA developed the "Excellence in Digital Education" quality seal.

The seal is viewed from various perspectives with regard to online teaching and, in this case, in connection with the "quality" of this teaching. The goal of the seal is to take into account the different perspectives of online teaching. To this end, five standards (digitization strategy, staffing, technical equipment, didactic design, and quality assurance) have been defined. The subdivision of the standards into different quality categories gives the universities the opportunity to further develop their institution organizationally and sustainably. As with the previous FIBAA seals, there will be different degrees of fulfillment for the individual standards.

The concept of the seal is currently very unique. The concept enables higher education institutions to reflect the diversity of educational biographies as well as their sustainability from a teaching perspective. In particular, the seal enables the university to further develop its digital transformation in relation to teaching and university-wide processes.

Presented by:

Mag. Diane Freiberger, MBA

I have been working in the field of higher education for about 25 years. I started as a lecturer at the Catholic Academy for Social Work in Munich. After that, I took a brief detour into business as a PR manager for six years. Since 2006 I returned to university again.  

Before taking over as CEO at FIBAA, I served as the executive director of the business school of the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein, Tyrol in Austria and for the last five years as vice rector of the university.   

In the course of all these activities, I have been involved with the issues of quality assurance, especially in the field of digital transformation of teaching and learning. In recent years I have been involved in national and international study projects and conferences on these topics and have published on them. 


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