Impact of QA on Cross-Border HE

The question what the impact is that quality assurance has on the management of an institution and on teaching and learning processes is often asked. This question is particularly challenging when the potential impacts of external QA on cross-border higher education are considered. With support from GIQAC funding INQAAHE decided to approach this question in two stages.

Initially, INQAAHE commissioned the research center CHEPS to write a feasibility study for investigating the impact of external QA when higher education institutions cross borders. Overviews of literature on the impact of external QA and on cross-border HE were presented. In addition, conceptual models for measuring the impact of external QA on cross-border HE were discussed which resulted in a research design for conducting case studies.  

Then, CHEPS conducted 10 case studies which provide useful insights into the impacts of external QA on cross-border HE and on institutional practices. The findings and implications of this study should be further discussed and more in-depth research with additional cases would be welcomed.

Both the feasibility study and the report with case studies can be downloaded below.

Impact of external QA of Higher Education in Ibero-America

The Centro Interuniversitario de Desarrollo (CINDA) has carried out an exploratory study on the impact of QA. 
The main objectives were to assess the impact of QA mechanisms in various contexts and to build capacity for better quality management. The project started in 2008 and has involved 26 universities in 16 Latin American and European countries.
The report summarizes the perceptions that link changes, impacts and effects to quality assurance, according to three dimensions: the higher education system, institutional management, and teaching.

Please consult the report below for more information.