INQAAHE offers three categories of membership:

FULL MEMBERS are organisations responsible for assuring the academic quality of post-secondary institutions or education programmes other than their own, such as:

  • Accrediting agencies.
  • Evaluation agencies and similar organisations.
  • Bodies responsible for the external quality assurance of such agencies.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are organisations with a major interest in evaluation, accreditation and quality assurance in higher education, but without the responsibility for assuring quality of institutions or education programmes.

AFFILIATES are individuals with a major interest in evaluation, accreditation and quality assurance in higher education may affiliate to the Network. Affiliates may participate in the General Assembly, but without the right to vote.

Members and Affiliates may:

  • Have access to the Good Practice Database.
  • Can make use of the rapid answer query service.
  • Can search for consultants in the database of consultants.
  • Receive the academic journal 'Quality in Higher Education' 3 times a year.
  • Receive the electronic INQAAHE Bulletin quarterly.
  • Can apply for an alignment with the INQAAHE Guidelines of Good Practice.
  • Collaborate in the attainment of the Network’s objectives.
  • Exercise their rights according to the Constitution.

Members and Affiliates are obliged to:

  • Abide by the Constitution of the Network.
  • Remit, in due time, the subscriptions or any other contributions determined in accordance with the Constitution.

Membership or Affiliation may be withdrawn if the Member or Affiliate:

  • Fails to maintain the conditions that allowed its initial admission, as set out in this Constitution.
  • Does not fulfil the obligations set out in the Constitution.
  • Acts in the Network’s name without authorisation.
  • Misrepresents its association with the Network as implying any level of recognition (beyond the criteria that allowed its admission to the Network).
  • On a recommendation of the Board.

DISCLAIMER: Membership of INQAAHE does not convey any independent recognition or status, except when a Full member is listed as being in alignment with the Guidelines of Good Practice.