Become a Member

The current INQAAHE membership fees are:

  • Full/Associate Members and Affiliates: USD 690.65
  • Full/Associate Members and Affiliates from LDC/LIC countries: USD 345.33

All new members and affiliates first have to pay a review fee of USD 100 in order to get their application reviewed by the membership committee. Membership fees can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.

Please note that the fee is always paid for one calendar year (January until December).
The following reductions are applicable:

  • Memberships and affiliates applications April-June: 25% reduction on the annual fee
  • Memberships and affiliates applications July-September: 50% reduction on the annual fee
  • Memberships and affiliates applications October-December: 75% reduction on the annual fee

Members from LDC/LIC countries are eligible for the reduced fee of USD 345.33. The LDC/LIC countries are listed by the World Bank as less developed countries or low income countries.

  • The complete list of LDC's can be found here.
  • For a list of LIC's click here.

Please note that the INQAAHE Secretariat will send an invoice to all approved applications from Members and Affiliates.
Your INQAAHE Membership or INQAAHE Affiliate Status will only be activated after the INQAAHE Secretariat has received the INQAAHE Membership Fee.