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From 30 November until 2 December 2011, INQAAHE and ENQA organised a joint seminar “Internationalisation and QA: Connecting European and Global Experiences”. The seminar took place in Brussels, Belgium at the Metropole Hotel

The first day (30 November 2011) was organised by INQAAHE and entitled “Quality of International Education in the Professions”.  During this day INQAAHE paid a tribute to Dr Marjorie Peace Lenn, one of the founders of INQAAHE in 1991, who sadly died last year. Marjorie’s main interests, the various forms of international higher education and its relation with the professional accreditors were explored through presentations.

The second day (1 December 2011)  'Connecting European and Global experiences' was jointly organised by ENQA and INQAAHE.

The seminar is sponsored by GIQAC (UNESCO-Worldbank)

The ENQA seminar, entitled “European Quality Labels and QA”, took place on 2 December 2011 and focused on European Quality Labels and Quality Assurance.The objectives of the seminar were to analyse the nature of so-called quality labels in terms of their aims and objectives, methodological approaches and criteria used in their reviews, to discuss their specific contribution to quality assurance in Europe and to analyse the relation between quality labels and quality assurance solely based on the European Standards and Guidelines.