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Apr 04 - 07 2011


08:00 - 18:00
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From 4 April to 4 April 2011 INQAAHE Biennial Conference QUALITY ASSURANCE: FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTURE was held in Madrid, Spain.

All presentations are available below.

Pre-Conference Workshops

  1. Standards, learning outcomes and program accreditation, Hilary Winchester&Gemma Rauret,
  2. Managing an external quality assurance agency, Steven Crow&Michal Neumann
  3. Internal QA systems within HEIs, Laureano González&Tia Loukkola
  4. Effective site visits, Antony Stella&Barbara Beno


  1. A model to involve students in governance amidst resistance, Amr Abou El Ezz, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine Cairo University (PDF/3.171KB)
  2. A Paradigm of Quality Assurance:Beyond globalizing forces vs. national goals, Kiyoko Saito & Ayaka NodaNational Institution for Academic Degree and University Evaluation (PDF/599KB)
  3. Challenges for the Internationalization of National Quality Assurance Agencies in the Asia Pacific Region -Case Study of Taiwan‟s Quality Assurance Agencies, Angela Yung-chi Hou, Fu Jen Catholic University (PDF/9.833KB)
  4. Corporate Governance and the Rise of Private HE, Michael Tomlinson, Australian Universities Quality Agency (PDF/1.803KB)
  5. Culture shock-A reflection of the non local learning programme accreditation for TNE in Hong Kong, Yiu Kwan Fan&Susanna Lee, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (PDF/383KB)
  6. EUR-ACE: A System of Accreditation of Engineering Programmes Allowing National Variants, Giuliano AUGUSTI&Jim BIRCH&A. ErbilPAYZIN, ENAEE (PDF/511KB)
  7. Expansion of QA mechanism in south Asian HE, Amjad Ali Arain, ArainBurgundy University Dijon France (PDF/3.150KB)
  8. Living with national and global rankings the dilemma for national QA systems in times of global competition, Jagannath Patil, NAAC (PDF/639KB)
  9. Quality Assurance of Cross-border Higher Education : A focus on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools and programs, Prof. WU Boda&Prof. LIN Mengquan (CDGDC, P.R. China) (PDF/4.928KB)
  10. Quality Culture vs Political Culture Negotiating Online HE Delivery in Federated States, Nancy Parker, Athabasca University (PDF/1.184KB)


  1. Professionalization of Quality Assurance in Australia’s Non-Self Accrediting Higher Education Providers, Hilary P.M. Winchester, M.A. (Oxon), D.Phil. (Oxon) (PDF/49KB)
  2. Effective partnerships – building capacity for quality in Saudi Arabian Higher Education, Eqbal Darandari (National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, Saudi Arabia) Sally Ward (Higher Education, British Council, Middle East) (PDF/1.424KB)
  3. Improving internal quality learning form international experiences, Esther Adot Giménez, AQU Catalunya (PDF/525KB)
  4. Is Capacity Building the Ultimate Solution to Professionalising QA Practitioners?, Susanna Lee, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (PDF/675KB)
  5. Professionalization of QA in Australia’s non self accrediting HE, Hilary Winchester, University of South Australia (PDF/499KB)
  6. Quality Assurance in Veterinary Medical Education in Egypt, Hussein El Maghraby, Al Jouf University, Saudi Arabia (PDF/365KB)
  7. Systematization of Internal QA Mechanism Kristu Jayanti College, Fr Josekutty (PrincipalKristu Jayanti College, Bangalore) & Prof. Aloysius Edward J. (IQACKristu Jayanti College Bangalore) (PDF/1.405KB)
  8. Teaching Innovation in Andalusia Professionalization through reward policies and database management, Pilar Romero&Carlos Marcelo, AGAE (PDF/548KB)
  9. The Assessment of Learning Outcomes Developing a Guide for QA, Obe de Vries&Mineke Laman&Clare Morris, Inspectie van het Onderwijs (PDF/653KB)
  10. Workshop: The external review of agencies the ENQA Experience, Achim Hopbach, ENQA (PDF/133KB)
  11. Workshop: The external review of agencies, Maria Jose Lemaitre, CINDA (PDF/824KB)
  12. Keynote: Professionalization of QA, Resources vs processes in Quality Management, Jose Rafael Toro, Universidad de los Andes (PDF/413KB)
  13. Keynote: Professionalization of QA,The view from agencies, Ton Vroeijenstijn (PDF/98KB)


  1. A longitudial study of the ABET outcomes based accreditation model, George Peterson, ABET (PDF/334KB)
  2. A new approach to QA in Australia establishing TEQSA, Ian Hawke, TEQSA (PDF/362KB)
  3. Assuring Quality A system wide approach in Ontario, Joy Warkentin&Tim Klassen, Ontario College (PDF/1.040KB)
  4. Assuring Quality and Standards in Jamaican Tertiary Education, Ethley London&Angela Penny, The University Council of Jamaica (PDF/263KB)
  5. Audits of QA systems of Finnish higher education institutions -supporting institutions in the continuous development of their activities,Kirsi Hiltunen&Helka Kekalainen, Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (PDF/122KB)
  6. Effectiveness of Acreditation Process An Indian Experience with Diversity, Ganesh Hegde, NAAC, India (PDF/1.419KB)
  7. Efforts and Challenges to Achieve Quality Standards towards Accreditation for Medical Education Institutes in Developing Countries, Dr. Jamal Bordom&Dr. HeshamElmazar, Aljabal Algharby University, Arab Libyan (PDF/874KB)
  8. Good Practice For Monitoring Recognised Qualifications And The Use Of Icts As A Tool, Dr. José Eduardo López Pereira&Dr. Mª Paula Ríos de Deus&Dr.Jesús Miguel Muñoz Cantero, ACSUG, Spain. (PDF/685KB)
  9. How to assess the quality of internationalisation,Karl Dittrich&Mark Frederiks&Esther van den Heuvel, NVAO, Netherlands (PDF/430KB)
  10. Impact of QA Processes on Indian HEIs, Shyamasundar, National Assessment and Accreditation Council Bangalore, India (PDF/385KB)
  11. Improving Quality in Higher Education through Internal Benchmarking (IBM), Shaker Rizk&Abdul Sattar Al Alusi, Ittihad University, UAE (PDF/4.247KB)
  12. Institutional Assessment and Educational Quality Improvement, Ariana De Vincenzi, Universidad Abierta Interamericana, Argentina (PDF/632KB)
  13. Measuring Effectiveness in the verification and follow-up processes strategies of agae, Esther Megia&Nieves Pascual, AGAE, Spain (PDF/1.767KB)
  14. Evaluating Effectiveness, Annie Magarian&Fakhriya Al Habsi&Tess Goodliffe, Oman Quality Network (PDF/945KB)
  15. Peer Reviewers’ Profile and Perception of the Exernal QA system in Ethiopia, Wondwosen Tamrat, St. Mary’s University College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PDF/876KB)
  16. QA for HE transformation in a post soviet context the case of Armenia, Ruben Topchyan&Susanna Karakhanyan, ANQA (PDF/6.546KB)
  17. Quality Assurance In The University Institutions Of The Galician University System, Dr.José Eduardo López Pereira&Dr. MaPaula Ríos de Deus&Mª Dolores Castro Pais, ACSUG, Spain (PDF/835KB)
  18. Quality Assurance and Rankings, Allan Päll, European Students’ Union (PDF/720KB)
  19. Alternative University Appraisal System, Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, Universiti Sains Malaysia (PDF/1.417KB)
  20. Global Rankings and its Impact on Higher Education Policy and Institutional Behaviors, and Students‟ Choice: Effective Use of College Rankings, Geroge Jiang&Yung-chi Hou, Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan (PDF/2.532KB)
  21. Quality Assurance and Rankings_Rankings and Tools for Quality Assessment in Latin America and the Caribbean, Pedro Henriquez, UNESCO-IESALC (PDF/815KB)
  22. Quality Assurance in a Regional University, Sandra Gift&Jacqueline Moniquette, The University of the West Indies (PDF/224KB)
  23. Quality Assurance Processes in Egyptian HE Institutions at both institutional and national level: Their Development and Sustainability, Amani E. Khalifa, Doaa K. Ibrahim, Hassan A. Al-Shatoury, Ibrahim G. Shaaban, Ahmed M. EL-Gizawy, Hoda A. A. Eltalawy, TahaniF. Youssef, Mostafa M. Radwan, Galal A. Abdellah, Ain Shams University (PDF/1.467KB)
  24. Retrospective or prospective regulation and QA in Australia, Rob Carmichael, AUQA, Australia (PDF/3.122KB)
  25. The Effect of the QA system in Israel on Higher Education Institutions and National Policy Makers, Michal Neumann & Marissa Gross -CHE, Israel (PDF/6.057KB)
  26. Workshop: ARCU-SUR:Is it an effective system for mutual recognition and regional integration? Daniela Torre, Consejo Nacional de Educación, Chile (PDF/463KB)
  27. Workshop: Joint-Programmes Questions to the Audience, Rolf Heusser, ECA (PDF/249KB)
  28. Workshop: Joint programs and recognition issues, Rolf Heusser, ECA (PDF/2.665KB)


  1. Accreditation of courses of studies quality standards and their effect on university autonomy, Rodolfo De Vincenzi, Universidad Abierta Interamericana, Universidad de San Andrés. Argentina (PDF/170KB)
  2. Closing Session Achievement and Progress, David Woodhouse, AUQA, Australia (PDF/1.198KB)
  3. Closing session Renegotiating Institutional Autonomy and Public Accountability the Future of HE QA, Dirk van Damme, CERI/OECD (PDF/816KB)
  4. Independence in accreditation a stakeholder analysis of higher education, Raul Atria, Universidad de Chile (PDF/124KB)
  5. Integrity of the system: What happens when the state’s higher education oversight and trust is brought into question by a justice department?, Fernando F.Padro, Cambridge College (PDF/470KB)
  6. Quality Systems for HE the case of faculties of education and health sciences, G Tsayang&K D Mogobe, Univerity of Botswana (PDF/132KB)
  7. Stakeholder cooperation similarities differences and good practices, Karin Agelii&Karl Holm&Stefán Baldursson&Tove Blytt Holmen&Thomas Lange&Ellen Silleborg, Nordic Quality Assurance (NOQA) (PDF/67KB)
  8. The Question of independence of QA external reviewers work and decision making AKKORK solution, Erika  Soboleva, The Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance and Career Development (PDF/696KB)
  9. Working with Government and Higher Education Institutions:The Balancing Act of QA Bodies, WS Wong, Joint Quality Review Committee Hong Kong (PDF/996KB)
  10. Keynote: EQAA independence from the global discourse on QA, Lis Lange, University of the Free State, South Africa (PDF/569KB)
  11. Keynote: The independence vis a vis stakeholders, Josep Ferre, AQU Catalunya (PDF/1.442KB)

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 04 - 07 2011
  • Time: 02:00 - 12:00
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