According to the Constitution, the Secretariat is responsible for the administration and management of the Network, specifically to:

  • Keep the Network’s files and minutes.
  • Arrange for the Network’s publications.
  • Prepare the annual reports.
  • Prepare, organise and convene the Network’s meetings.
  • Prepare, organise and convene the Board’s meetings.
  • Collect fees and subscriptions.
  • Management of all financial procedures.
  • Provide any kind of assistance INQAAHE members may require.
  • Assume other responsibilities, as agreed by the Board, not provided for in the Constitution.
  • Only full members can provide the Secretariat for INQAAHE. The Secretariat is appointed for a term of two and a half years.

At least six months before the end of the first term of the Secretariat the Board decides whether the Secretariat —if interested— may continue for a second term of two and a half years. In this case the existing contract is prolonged for another term of two and a half years without re-tender. If the first term contract is not automatically prolonged, and in any case after a second term, an open call is published for candidates to host the INQAAHE Secretariat.

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