Second General Assembly Meeting of 2024

On June 12, 2024 (Wed) at 17:00 Bucharest time INQAAHE members are invited to the second General Assembly meeting of 2024, during the frame of the INQAAHE Forum 2024. The Board will present the new elected Board Directors, the candidate for INQAAHE President to be validated, the new Global Council for Recognition of TE QA Bodies (GCR) and the different proposals received by member agencies to host INQAAHE Forum 2026.

This meeting will be held in a hybrid mode. The link to attend remotely will be distributed soon.

The agenda of meeting is already available.


The INQAAHE General Assembly needs to review the following documentation:


The candidate for INQAAHE President proposed by the Board shall be validated by the General Assembly. Voting will be done electronically after the General Assembly meeting. More details regarding the voting will be provided during the meeting. Remember that, as stated in the Constitutionthe General Assembly is the plenary policy and decision-making body of the Network. It is composed of GGP Aligned, Full and Associate Members of INQAAHE, each represented by one nominated individual. So only one representative of each INQAAHE GGP Aligned, Full and Associate member will be allowed to vote on the beforementioned items.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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