INQAAHE invites newsletter submissions and sponsors

The next issue of the INQAAHE Quarterly Bulletin will be distributed shortly to over 300 leading Quality Assurance agencies and Higher Education professionals worldwide. INQAAHE members and affiliates are encouraged to submit a contribution to engage and inform our community. We are interested in sharing information about your opportunities, scholarship, and projects.
All INQAAHE Bulletins are archived on our website.

Member submissions are due by September 15 to for publication in early October.
All submissions should meet INQAAHE’s editorial guidelines for length, content, and format (please, use the following template to do so). Submissions not meeting these guidelines will not be published.

*New!* INQAAHE also offers a special sponsorship opportunity for members that wish to have their organization or accomplishments featured more prominently in our newly formatted Bulletin. At this time, INQAAHE is accepting one featured sponsor per newsletter.
For rates and more information, please contact INQAAHE Secretariat.

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