Every quarter INQAAHE Secretariat publishes an electronic bulletin which is sent to all its members. Every bulletin contains the President’s message, an overview of the most important recent developments of the network and a summary of upcoming events.
INQAAHE Secretariat asks for contributions periodically but members can e-mail their contributions to secretariat@inqaahe.org any time using the following template below.

INQAAHE welcomes news items related to quality assurance or quality enhancement activities, especially the following:

  • Opportunities for partnerships and collaboration
  • Upcoming conferences, forums or relevant meeting recaps
  • New resources and/or initiatives
  • Reports of international collaborations, accreditation results, studies, workshops, program reviews
  • Significant milestones
  • Team and project spotlights
  • New senior appointments
  • Study tours, visits, award ceremonies
  • Significant publications or guidelines that are of global significance

All contributions will be reviewed by the INQAAHE Communication and Outreach Committee (COC). While the responsibility of the content and its accuracy remains within members and networks, the INQAAHE COC reserves the right to edit, correct, revise or omit any submitted article as required for consistency and appropriacy. If major revisions are required, the INQAAHE COC may contact the member or network before accepting or publishing the content. Submission of an article gives INQAAHE permission to edit and publish content.

The contributions will be separated by world regions (Africa, Arab region, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and Western Europe), and will be classified into 3 levels of priority:

  • PRIORITY 1 (up to 200 words; up to 2 images): news that include exchange and cooperation between QABs.
  • PRIORITY 2 (up to 150 words; 1 image): international events from other regional quality assurance networks; updates of functions, standards or any other initiative that impact the quality assurance activities of a QAB; involvement of new stakeholders in QA processes.
  • PRIORITY 3 (up to 100 words; 1 image): descriptive activities of the members (i.e., local events, award ceremonies).

Submissions should be emailed to secretariat@inqaahe.org.

Advice for a successful submission
Keep the topic as brief as possible. Items should relate to quality assurance and should be between 200 and 300 words. Due to space restrictions, we cannot accept items that exceed 300 words. Items may be edited for reasons of page and / or space restrictions.

When submitting articles, consider the following:

  • Write for a global audience
  • Include a clear call to action (i.e. concise first sentence)
  • Pay attention to the heading
  • Include hyperlinks and web links where possible to reduce text, these are useful when referring to upcoming events, conference registrations and contact details (e.g. websites)
  • Break up text with bullets
  • Invite reader feedback and contributions
  • Submissions should be in word format attachment, or can be in the body of the email

When submitting photos, consider the following:

  • Include colour images where possible
  • Preference is for close-up photos of a subject or group
  • If possible, ensure people in large group photos are not too small or distant – ideally people’s faces need to be recognisable. If necessary, crop the photo with a focus on people from the waist up
  • Always include captions, and names of people in photos of 6 or less people.
  • Provide a general caption of larger group photos identifying the location or address – consider including a banner in the foreground or landmark in the background
  • Graphics can be supplied however clarity is critical – needs to be of relevance to the text
  • Submissions should be in Jpeg file


Mailing list

If your organisation is a Full or Associate member of INQAAHE you (and all your colleagues) can register to the mailing list to receive INQAAHE news updates, including the INQAAHE Bulletin and information on the latest INQAAHE events. Please provide the INQAAHE Secretariat with your name, e-mail address and the name of your organisation and you will be included in our mailing list.


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