Call for nominations for the INQAAHE Board 2020

The current INQAAHE Constitution requires that the network implements a staggered approach to the terms of the INQAAHE Board of Directors. As a follow-up on this new clause, INQAAHE calls for a round of nominations for the INQAAHE Board Directors.
Three Board Directors have voluntarily resigned from their elected terms to enable the staggered approach:

  • Leah K. Matthews – Vice President (United States of America),
  • Karen Treloar (Australia), and
  • Angela Yung-Chi Hou (Taiwan, China).

Thus, three seats on the Board of Directors will open for election. The elections will proceed according to the procedures in the INQAAHE Constitution. The election will be done online through the usual voting platform and will be open from the beginning of July until July 12, 2020. Check the official call for nominations for more information.

Nominations should be accompanied by a biographical note, of the candidate, of not more than 250 words as well as a profile picture.
Nominations must be submitted to the INQAAHE Secretariat not later than July 5, 2020. Please use this form to submit your nomination.

INQAAHE Board Nomination Timeline / Key Dates
Action Date
Deadline to submit nominations to INQAAHE Secretariat 5 July 2020
Online voting by GGP Aligned, Full and Associate Members 6 July – 12 July 2020
Publication of results 14 July 2020




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