Vacancy Notice – Post of Executive Director at QAA Mauritius

The Quality Assurance Authority is inviting applications from qualified candidates for appointment on a 3-year contract (renewable annually) to the post of Executive Director. The deadline for submission of applications is January 25, 2021 (Monday) by 1600 hrs local time. The vacancy notice is available here.

Following the repeal of the TEC Act, the Quality Assurance Authority was set up on 17 January 2020. This corporate body is governed by the Higher Education Act 2017 and is responsible, inter-alia,

  • to promote, maintain and enhance
    • quality assurance of higher education in line with international standards;
    • high quality standards in higher education through appropriate quality assurance mechanisms.
  • enhance and identify good practice in higher education.

All relevant details pertaining to the application procedure, duties and salary are available at

Interested candidates do not forget to check this additional information on the position as well.

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