University Council of Jamaica Annual QA in HE Week

Find below information on UCJ’s 19th annual Quality Assurance in Higher Education Week. INQAAHE hopes you find this information useful. 

The University Council of Jamaica
19th Annual Quality Assurance in Higher Education Week


The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) recently concluded its 19th Annual Quality Assurance in Higher Education Week from March 11 to March 15, 2024, themed ‘Empowering Higher Education Institutions to Respond to Changing Market Needs’. This event underscored UCJ’s commitment to ensuring Jamaica’s higher education remains adaptable and pertinent in a dynamic landscape.

The week featured various activities, starting with an Opening Ceremony, Award presentation, and a virtual Micro-Credentials workshop on March 12 under the theme “Enhancing Recognition & Lifelong Learning in Jamaica: Micro-Credentials and Beyond”. This workshop followed on the heels of the 2023 launch of the UCJ’s Standards and Guidelines for Micro-Credentials. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), training providers, public and private sector agencies, and organisations received a guided introduction into these standards and valuable insights on how to develop / design their own programs and the process for having them quality assured.

Day two, March 13, followed with an insightful Credential Assessment Webinar under the theme “Perspectives on Excellence: Applying Standards to Assess Qualifications in Institutions”. Participants received a wealth of information on topics such as “What is a Good Grade?” presented by Head of External Engagement at UKENIC/Ecctis, Chris Lyons, and “Quality in Recognition: Perspectives on the Application of Quality Standards to Credential Evaluation” presented by Senior Director of Information and Knowledge, Educational Credential Evaluation (ECE), Margaret Wenger. Both shared their insights, emphasising the growing importance of applying standards to assess qualifications.

The sessions were well-attended with approximately 300 participants, engaging in discussions aimed at underscoring the importance of quality assurance in higher education across the two days.

Looking ahead, the UCJ continues its mission to foster excellence and innovation in higher education. Mrs. Althea Heron, Executive Director of the UCJ, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “The UCJ remains steadfast in its dedication to advancing higher education in Jamaica and beyond. Through collaborative initiatives and insightful discussions, we aim to ensure the quality and relevance of higher education in today’s evolving landscape.”

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