Tribute to María José Lemaitre


On behalf of the INQAAHE Board and members, it is with deepest sorrow that we express condolences on her untimely decease. María José Lemaitre was the 4th President of INQAAHE and served the global QA community for the last decades.

She has been one of the lead promoters of higher education quality and quality assurance cause at the global level leaving invaluable footprints in diverse QA systems across five continents. Her tenure at INQAAHE, CINDA, and RIACES left invaluable social legacies for the development of influential organizations in higher education.

INQAAHE wishes to pay tribute to a tireless fighter for fair, equitable and quality education for all.

A prominent person and a great friend.

Those who had the privilege of sharing quality time with María José will miss her wise advice and affectionate company.


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