The Network

The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education, INQAAHE, is the global association of external quality assurance agencies, institutions and individuals with major interest in higher education.

Back in 1991, the first international conference of the emerging quality assurance agencies was held in Hong Kong. When it ended, the delegates agreed to continue working together as a network, which they would build around the concept of information-sharing. This marked the creation of INQAAHE, which, though it now seems surprising, was established by only eight founder members.

Today, INQAAHE is a world-wide association of almost 300 organisations involved in varying capacities in the theory and practical application of quality assurance in higher education. The overwhelming majority of its members are quality assurance agencies, although the Network also offers associate-level membership to other organisations with a specific interest in quality assurance in higher education and affiliate-level membership to individuals.


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