Ready to cooperate: Ukrainian National QA Agency has joined INQAAHE

The National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance (NAQA) was initially established by Ukrainian Law on higher education in the summer of 2014, but has not started its official work till 2019. In December 2018 the new personal composition of NAQA members was elected by the International competition commission and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The Head and Vice-Heads of NAQA were elected and approved in February 2019.

NAQA is young, but very ambitious and hard-working team. Since summer 2019 it has successfully launched the new approach to accreditation procedure based on ESG-2015. NAQA recruited and trained approximately 3000 experts for accreditation site visits and 380 members for subject area councils.

The major strategic goals of NAQA are to develop the culture of quality assurance in higher education in Ukraine, to assure the quality of education services and research, and to meet the international standards of quality assurance in higher education. NAQA mission is to become a catalyst for positive changes in higher education in Ukraine grounded on values of partnership, trust, independence, professionalism, innovation, academic integrity, and transparency.

NAQA is opened to international cooperation. It stands for enhancing integration of the higher education of Ukraine into the World and European Higher Education environment, sharing best practices and stimulating Ukrainian universities to participate international rankings.

NAQA members have already established contacts with QA and accreditation agencies from Germany, Latvia, Great Britain, France, Italy, Georgia, Poland, Kazahstan. It fruitfully collaborates with international partners such as National Erasmus+ Office, British Council, American Councils, USAID New Justice, OSCE, International Renaissance Foundation, International Foundation for Education Policy Research and the others. NAQA welcomes every opportunity to establish new contacts and to collaborate.

More information about the National agency is available at NAQA website and Facebook page. NAQA can be reached at .

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