Partnership Project Agreement between INQAAHE and APQN

As part of INQAAHE strategic priorities, with a view of enhancing quality provisions of higher education systems worldwide, INQAAHE is currently undertaking scoping studies in different parts of the world to better understand the landscape for external and internal quality assurance of higher education to be better positioned to contribute to the enhancement of quality assurance in a diversity of HE systems.

INQAAHE is inviting the regional networks to conduct the study collaboratively in each of the regions in the world:

  • To strengthen collaboration between the international and regional networks;
  • To enable deeper insights into the particularities of each region;
  • To enable a holistic approach to understanding the current issues in HE internationally and look for potential solutions

The specific objectives of this agreement with Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) are:

  • To conduct an in‐depth study on the HE landscape and state of affairs of internal and external quality assurance in different regions all over the world;
  • To better understand the trends, challenges and needs peculiar to each region;
  • To produce a synthesis report on each of the identified regions and worldwide, in general;
  • To produce recommendations on future investments.

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