Our deepest condolences to Dr Bard Abou-Ela’s family, friends and colleagues

Dear friends,

It was with great sorrow that we received the sad news on Dr. Badr Aboul-Ela’s untimely decease. Dr. Badr has been a major force in quality assurance in the Gulf region, and the Arab world more generally, for two decades. He will be sorely missed by the QA community which he served tirelessly. In leading the UAE Council for Academic Accreditation for many years, he brought a mix of academic understanding, political acumen and dedicated hard work that served the Emirates well.

Dr. Badr’s contribution to the international QA community was also remarkable. He served on the INQAAHE Board and brought in the flavor of the Arab states to the network’s activities. Throughout the years he was also involved in different Board initatives, always providing his knowledge and experience in QA. His most recent involvement with the INQAAHE was in the capacity of a key contributor to the INQAAHE regional activities, specifically the Arab part of the INQAAHE’s Global Study, a compilation that will be published in the following months.

On behalf of the INQAAHE Board, the CEO and the Secretariat, please accept our deepest condolences at this most difficult of times and please pass these feelings onto Dr. Aboul-Ela’s family if possible.

May he rest in peace.

With my heartfelt regards,
Dr Susanna Karakhanyan
INQAAHE President

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