Online access to the journal Quality in Higher Education

30 March 2021 – INQAAHE members have been receiving hard copies of the Journal Quality in Higher Education three times per year for more than 10 years. This year and from now on, instead of receiving paper copies of the journal, members will have online access to it.

Make sure you check your inbox in the following days for any notification from Taylor and Francis, the publishing house. Once your accounts have been activated, you will receive further information on how to proceed.

Also, please note that online access will be set for a year at a time and is limited to one person only per member/organisation. If any sharing of login details is detected, your online access will be removed as it is considered breach of contract.

All members will require a Taylor & Francis Online account to access the journal. You will receive instructions from automated emails; it is very important that you set up the Taylor & Francis Online account using the same email address on the order otherwise the order will not appear on your accounts.

If you are a member and are not receiving the Journal, please contact Secretariat.

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