NAQA’s Online event “Continuous commitment to a high-quality student learning experience”

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Continuous commitment to a high-quality student learning experience

8 September

On September 8, NAQA together with the QAA team held an online event “Continuous commitment to a high-quality student learning experience” to support students in Ukraine. Representatives of Ukrainian higher education institutions had the opportunity to share their experience of implementing strategies for adapting educational programs to the conditions of war. While English-speaking participants learned about the challenges and successes their Ukrainian counterparts face while maintaining their commitment to high-quality education.

Ukrainian students shared their learning experiences and highlighted the activities of Ukrainian students during the war, which included volunteering and enlisting in the army. One of the speakers, Kyrylo Demchenko, joined the live broadcast directly from the front line. He talked about the experience of writing a thesis right in the trenches. Students strive to get a quality education no matter what.

Vice-Rector of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University Tetyana Nagornyak informed about the university’s work in evacuation. The university has been under evacuation since 2014 when russia just started its aggression against Ukraine. Donetsk National university, which functioned in several buildings, had more than 13,000 students, at first, had to fit into one room in Vinnytsia. Therefore, its experience is more than valuable, especially for those colleagues whose institutions also had to be evacuated from the occupied territories. After the speeches, the participants worked in discussion groups, where they had the opportunity to ask each other questions and discuss new ideas and ways of their implementation.

In total, more than 250 participants from both countries took part in the event and developed new ideas for cooperation, including student exchange programs.

Recording available here:

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