INQAAHE’s contribution to UNESCO WHEC 2022

INQAAHE’s involvement in UNESCO’s WHEC 2022 will take several forms as Board Directors will participate in different activities this week:

  • Deborah Adair, President of INQAAHE, will represent the Network and Quality Matters on a panel session moderated by ICDE. The theme of the panel is focused on quality enhancement of open, flexible and distance higher education across borders. The panel will involve Presidents and CEOs from the Consortium for the Benchmarking Framework for Online, Open, Smart, and Technology-enhanced Higher Education, initiated by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University.
  • Susanna Karakhanyan, Immediate Past President of INQAAHE, will lead and participate in three sessions. She is the UNESCO Technical Expert Group member and leads one of the ten main themes of WHEC 2022, Theme 4 on Quality and Relevance of Programmes. She will also contribute to the OECD roundtable discussion on cross border higher education and its quality assurance, and contribute to Theme 6 on Higher Education Governance.
  • Wondwosen Tamrat will participate in the Roundtable on Theme 4, Quality and Relevance of Programmes, led by Susanna Karakhanyan.
  • Tariq Al Sindi will participate in his capacity as ANQAHE Secretary and BQA CEO.

In preparation to the WHEC 2022, INQAAHE submitted two contributions, an open knowledge product under themes 3 and 4 entitled Embracing Diversity in Tertiary Education through a Redesigned Quality Assurance Framework; and a policy dialogue and consultation under the same themes entitled Higher Education Quality Assurance Re-Imagined: A Response to Diversification, Quality, Relevance and Inclusion Challenges.

Within the frames of the WHEC 2022, on Wednesday, 18th of May, INQAAHE will meet with AUN representatives in INQAAHE’s headquarters in Barcelona.

More information on WHEC’s agenda here.

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