Forum 2022 tour to Teotihuacan

With the in-person INQAAHE events, tours on the last day have come back! This time, while in Mexico, FIMPES will take all of us to Teotihuacan.

Teotihuacan, the place where the gods were created, is located 50 km (approximately 31 mi) of Mexico City. This holy city is characterized by the vast size of its monuments – in particular, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl and the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. Teotihuacan was once one most powerful cultural centres in Mesoamerica and it extended its cultural and artistic influence throughout the region, and even beyond. Archaeologists continue to debate who built this ancient city and what happened to its inhabitants.

Important notice: pre-registration is required for this tour. Please select the Tour option upon registration for the INQAAHE Forum.

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