First General Assembly of 2022 – voting results

On the May 25, the Board hosted the first General Assembly meeting of 2022 for annual reporting. The documents that INQAAHE General Assembly needed to vote were the following:

The voting period was open from May 26, 2022 (Thu) until June 3, 2022 (Fri) at 13:00 CEST/UTC +2.

Find below the results and also the declaration of results.



1. Do you approve INQAAHE Annual Report 2021?
YES 92
NO 0
Abstain/NOTA 4
2. Do you approve INQAAHE Financial Statements 2021 (included in the Annual Report)?
YES 90
NO 1
Abstain/NOTA 5
3. Do you approve INQAAHE Budgets?
YES 90
NO 0
Abstain/NOTA 6
4. Do you approve INQAAHE’s minutes of the General Assembly Meetings held in 2021 (April 26 and October 8)?
YES 90
NO 0
Abstain/NOTA 6
TOTAL votes casted


INQAAHE Full and Associate members




Minimum quorum needed


Therefore, the INQAAHE Annual Report 2022, INQAAHE Financial Statements 2022, INQAAHE Budgets, and the minutes of the General Assembly meetings held in 2021 are approved by the General Assembly.
Thank you for your cooperation!

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