Deb Adair inaugural address

To the INQAAHE Membership, Regional QA Networks, and broader QA Community:

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

I am honored to accept the role as the 8th President of INQAAHE and humbled by the expertise and efforts of those leaders who came before me to move our organization to its recognized leadership position in the global QA community. My goal is to continue to strengthen the organization and the Network it represents as we move past the pandemic-related challenges of the last two years and to a new normal where QA will be a critical and extremely relevant part of the evolution of higher education. Indeed, the pace of change has greatly accelerated with many innovations in the scope, duration, location, modalities, providers, and credentials of higher education that must be reflected in the work of quality assurance. As quality assurance cells, agencies, and networks, we have much work to do which requires continued collaboration and professionalization.

As the incoming INQAAHE Board takes care to finalize the transition to the permanent Secretariat and equip the organization to better serve its members, we will simultaneously consider how to best support member QA efforts. To that end, I ask you to reach out to us, through the Secretariat or directly to me, to let us know your needs and how INQAAHE can help. We will continue to execute our current strategic plan and enhance our programs and activities. These include our work in capacity enhancement strategies, funding schemes, conferences, and other learning events as well as enhancements to our work on the Guidelines of Good Practice to better support the continuing improvement and professionalism in quality assurance activities.

This is a challenging, yet exciting time, for all of us who work in this field and who are committed and passionate about assuring the quality of higher education. I am truly delighted to be able to contribute, lead, and learn alongside you all as part of the INQAAHE community. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to grow with you as we embrace the changes ahead.

Yours sincerely,

Deb Adair
INQAAHE 8th President

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