CONEAU’s Report: National Systems of Quality Assurance for Higher Education in Ibero-America

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CONEAU’s National System of Quality Assurance for Higher Education in Ibero-America Report

Martín Strah

This report is the result of a study carried out within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement between the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) and the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (CONEAU) of Argentina, which focuses on describing and comparing the quality assurance systems of higher education in the countries that make up the Ibero-American region. To achieve this aim, several in-depth interviews to the main sources of information were conducted in every country within the region: presidents, directors or important officials of agencies or bodies responsible for quality assurance in higher education. The voice of the main actors, the literature review, and the official information disseminated by every system have allowed to draw up an accurate quality assurance regional map and facilitated a thorough description. These activities were carried out by a research team, made up of members of the technical team of CONEAU´s Directorate of Development, Planning, and International Relations, conducted by Dr. Martín Strah.

This report is structured to guide the reader through a journey beginning with a description of the several quality assurance bodies in the different systems and countries, then it makes a comparative analysis of the evaluation aspects involved in the systems, and finally it concludes with a thorough inquiry about the different attributes of the evaluation processes addressed by this research.


Report available here: ENGLISH-VERSION-OEI-Marzo-2022.pdf (

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