Board decision on INQAAHE’s permanent and legal infrastructure

In July 2020, the INQAAHE Secretariat publicly distributed a request for proposal regarding INQAAHE’s permanent and legal infrastructure. The INQAAHE Board sought to consolidate legal and banking operations in a single country, to ensure that the network had maximum flexibility and minimal barriers in working with members, volunteers, and staff members across the globe. It also sought to ensure that the location chosen facilitated accountability and good governance, allowed for free policy operation of the Board, provided appropriate legal infrastructure, and would be reasonably sustainable over time.

During the INQAAHE Board Meeting of November 17, 2020, and after reviewing the four proposals received, the Board voted to permanently establish INQAAHE in Spain with the support of AQU Catalunya. Following this decision, structural changes (such as a revision of INQAAHE’s Constitution) will need to be implemented in order to reflect the new legal nature of the organisation. The transition process is expected to be completed by June 2021.

Find below INQAAHE 7th President, Susanna Karakhanyan, statement after the Board’s decision on INQAAHE’s permanent and legal infrastructure:

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