EUCLID is a specialized intergovernmental organization established in 2008, holding a university mandate and charter published in the United Nations Treaty Series (certificates 49006/49007). It specialized in delivering online higher education programs in specific fields of knowledge to (1) officials and civil servants of its Participating States (2) officials and civil servants of other States (3) officials and civil servants of international organizations (4) select students from the general public.

The  Global Humanistic University (GHU)  received its Charter from the Ministry of Education of Curacao in March of 2018. This charter grants the GHU the right to establish a university in Curacao for the purpose of providing and teaching high quality online study programs in the fields of business administration, finance and law. The bachelor, master, and doctoral programs will primarily target international students.

UNIVERSITY OF SWAHILI FOUNDATION is registered with the Public Registry of Government of Panama under Article 37 of Panama Foundation Law 25 of 1995 (June 12th, 1995- as per Official Gazette No.22,804 of June 14th,1995).

An ISO 9001-2015 Certified Educational Institution.

University of Swahili, Panama is listed by Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations.

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