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Apr 08 - 12 2013


08:00 - 18:00
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From 8 April to 12 April 2013 INQAAHE Biennial Conference Managing Diversity: Sustainable Quality Assurance Processes was held in Taipei, Taiwan.

All presentations are available below.
Pre-Conference Workshops
  1. Qualification Frameworks: from good practices to tools for cooperation, Rob Fearnside
  2. Quality Assurance of Joint Degree Programs, Rolf Heusser
  3. Training the experts: common trends vs. respecting diversity, Maria José Lemaitre
  4. Learning Outcomes and Assessment Index as Elaboration of the ESG Principles on the Quality Assurance of Assessment, Eric Martijnse (PDF/ 178KB)
  1. Quality Assurance in Continuing Education and Training: The Experience of The Management Center in Globalizing Recognition Across Border, Amr Hamdy, The Management Center, The American University in Cairo (PDF/74KB)
  2. Academic Affiliations Between Foreign And Omani Higher Education Institutions: Learning from OAAA Quality Audits, Susan Trevor-Roper&Salim Razvi&Tess Goodliffe, Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (PDF/126KB)
  3. Assuring the Quality of Collaborative Provision of Transnational Higher Education, M. S. Shyamasundar, University of Southern Queensland, Learning & Teaching (PDF/155KB)
  4. From Quality Providers to Quality Assured Provision: The Case for Botswana Cross Border Tertiary Education, Gagoangwe Bogopa&Patricia Ncube, University of Botswana, Centre for Academic Development (PDF/96KB)
  5. Quality Assurance of Transnational Programs in East Asia: Monitoring of the “CAMPUS Asia” Programs, Takayuki Hayashi, National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation (PDF/110KB)
  6. Quality Assurance of Cross-Border Education: New Zealand Initiatives, Eve McMahon&Tim Fowler, New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) (PDF/67KB)
  7. Role And Function of Quality Assurance Agencies in Cross-Border Education Quality Assurance—A Case Study of the Quality Assurance for Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education, Lin Mengquan, China Academic
    Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center CDGDC) (PDF/90KB)
  8. The Implication of Mutual Recognition in Asia: Case Study of MQA and HEEACT, Yu Hsin Lin (Higher Education Evaluation &Accreditation Council of Taiwan), Angela Yung Chi Hou (Fu Jen Catholic University), Zita Mohd Fahmi (Malaysian Qualifications Agency) (Word/56KB)
  9. Using Distributed Learning as A Measure to Capture Additional Data on the Quality of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), Michael Sankey&Fernando F. Padró, University of Southern Queensland, Learning & Teaching (PDF/326KB)
  1. Quality Assurance of Mātauranga Māori Qualifications and Education Providers in New Zealand, Eve McMahon&Tim Fowler, New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) (PDF/63KB)
  2. Towards a European Certificate for Excellence in Internationalisation, Mark Frederiks (NVAO & ECA) & Rolf Heusser (ECA) (PDF/78KB)
  3. Innovation in Quality Assurance:Developing A Comprehensive Quality Assurance System Where None Other Exists, Tim Klassen&Joy Warkentin, OCQAS (PDF/84KB)
  4. Rethink of Peer Review Process in Quality Assurance of Higher Education from Analysis of Objection Report in Taiwan, Karen Hui-Jung Chen&Angela Yung-Chi Hou&Chia-Chun Ho&Yung-Yung Chang&Li-Yun Wang&Hui-Ling Pan, Higher Education
    Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (PDF/97KB)
  5. Integrating Innovation and Diversity Into External Quality Assurance Procedures: The Russian Experience, Galina Motova&Vladimir Navodnov, National Center of Public Accreditation (PDF/102KB)
  6. Accelerating Quality Improvement and Innovations in Higher Education – The New Framework of NAAC, Sujata P. Shanbhag&Rama Kondapalli, National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Bangalore (PDF/104KB)
  7. Coordination of External Quality Assurance, National Policy and Aid Priorities: An Example From PNG, Jeanette Baird&Wilma Paka, Office of Higher Education, Papua New Guinea (PDF/150KB)
  8. Quality Information Systems as Response to Rankings- An Innovative Strategy Of Asia Pacific Quality Network., Jagannath Patil, Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) (PDF/121KB)
  9. Quality Futures – Innovation for Sustainability Through Quality Systems, Anthony McClan&Jayne Mitchell&Alex Ryan&Daniella Tilbury, University of Gloucestershire,UK (PDF/97KB)
  10. External Quality Assurance under a Self Accreditation System: Promoting and Assessing Internal Quality Assurance, W.S. Wong, Joint Quality Review Committee, Hong Kong (PDF/116KB)
  11. Web Based Monitoring and Evaluation System for External Quality Assessments in Universities, Colin N. Peiris&Samanthi Wickramasinghe, Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council of the University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka (PDF/126KB)
  12. Student Engagement and Student Satisfaction: Two Measures Auguring for Independent Review Criteria or Standards for Student Support Services in National Quality Assurance Schemes, Fernando Padro&Y.C.M.A. Kek, University of Southern Queensland, Learning & Teaching (PDF/453KB)
  13. From Study Programme Accreditation to Study Programme Group Assessment, Liia Tüür&Heli Mattisen, Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency (PDF/114KB)
  1. The Impact of the First Audit Round in Finland, Marja-Liisa Saarilammi&Helka Kekäläinen, Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council(FINHEEC) (PDF/121KB)
  2. Perceived Impacts of the First External Quality Audits Carried out in Ethiopian Public and Private Higher Education Institutions, Wondwosen Tamrat, St. Mary’s University College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PDF/84KB)
  3. The Impact of the National Authority for Qualifications and Quality Assurance of Education and Training in Bahrain Higher Education, Jawaher Al-Mudhahki&Tariq Al-Sindi, National Authority of Qualifications and Quality Assurance for Education and Training (NAQQAET) (PDF/140KB)
  4. Impact of Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) on External Quality Assurance (EQA): An Indian Experience, Ponmundiraj, National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) (PDF/88KB)
  5. A Two-tiered Quality Assurance Approach: The Case of Colleges of Technology in Oman, Rolando M. Lontok Jr., Ministry of Manpower – Nizwa College of Technology (PDF/67KB)
  6. Changes in Academic Management and How They Relate to the Process of Institutional Assessment in Argentine Private Universities, Ariana De Vincenzi, Universidad Abierta Interamericana & Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina (PDF/111KB)
  7. Using Quality Assurance Mechanisms to Enhance Change and Organizational Learning, Eqbal Darandari (King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) &Tahira Hoke (Saudi Arabia & Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) (PDF/217KB)
  8. Benefits from Both American and Taiwanese External QA Processes: The Case of Ming Chuan University, Nellie S. Cheng, Ming Chuan University (PDF/66KB)
  9. Challenges and Lessons Learnt from an Intervention Designed to Activate and Strengthen Internal Quality Assurance Mechanisms of Higher Education Institutions, R. Mofolo&M. V. Polaki, Council on Higher Education (CHE) (PDF/92KB)
  10. Developing a Regional Quality Assurance System for Higher Education in East Africa: Progress and Experiences, Cosam Chawanga Joseph&Mayunga H.H. Nkunya, Inter-University Council for East Africa (PDF/93KB)
  11. Making a Difference: What Is The Impact on UK Higher Education of the Quality Assurance Agency?, Elizabeth Halford&Bill Harvey, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (PDF/84KB)
  12. Impact of QA and the Effects of External and Internal QA: Regional Perspectives to A Shared Issue, Julien Lecocq&Solange Pisarz, AERES (PDF/29KB)
  13. The Impact of the Qaulity Assurance Process on Ontario’S Colleges, Tim Klassen, OCQAS (PDF/77KB)
  1. Aligning the Papua New Guinea National Qualifications Framework, Quality Assurance, Policy Directions and Regional Frameworks, Wilma Sharon Paka&Jeanette Baird, Office of Higher Education, Papua New Guinea (PDF/114KB)
  2. Assessing the Degree Qualifications Profile for Quality Assurance in American Higher Education Accreditation, Tim Gallimore, Higher Learning Commission Chicago, Illinois USA (PDF/82KB)
  3. NQF and QA: The Case of Hong Kong, Yiu-Kwan Fan&Peter Cheung&Anthony Chan, The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (Word/35KB)
  4. National Qualifications Frameworks and Their Links to Quality Assurance, Jayne Mitchell&Melinda Drowley&Sarah Butler, Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (PDF/127KB)
  5. Quality Assurance and National Qualifications Frameworks Feed Off Each Other to Achieve Quality – A Pacific Perspective, Lemalu Lafi Sanerivi, SPBEA (PDF/666KB)
  6. Triangularization of Qualifications Framework, Planning and Quality Assurance, Teay Shawyun, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (PDF/280KB)
  7. The Relationship Between Quality Assurance and What Students Really Know and Can Do After a Period of Study. Assessing Achieved Learning Outcomes in an External Quality Assurance System, Karin Järplid Linde&Maria Sundkvisst, Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (PDF/158KB)
  8. Journeys Within the Credentials Framework: One Organization’S Tales of Quality Assurance Within A Jurisdictional Qualifications Framework, Andre Diez De Aux&Tim Klassen, Ontario College Quality Assurance Service’s (OCQAS) (PDF/87KB)

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 08 - 12 2013
  • Time: 02:00 - 12:00
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