Chief Executive Officer

Crystal Calarusse is the CEO of INQAAHE. She officially joined the network on April 23, 2019.
Her resume is available here.

According to the call, the CEO's major responsibilities are the following:

  • to serve as the key administrative support for managing the activities of the INQAAHE Board of Directors, as well as the Board’s committees and/or working groups;
  • to develop strategies and processes to build INQAAHE’s prestige among the international community of quality assurance agencies, institutions of higher education, and other representatives invested in high level quality assurance of tertiary education endeavors;
  • to connect regularly and proactively with staff representatives of organizations and institutions that hold membership status with INQAAHE;
  • to monitor INQAAHE’s email for inquiries and responds in a timely manner;
  • to develop resources for the INQAAHE website and communities of interest and keeps these outreach tools current and up-to-date;
  • to provide guidance to applicants seeking membership with INQAAHE;
  • to work with the INQAAHE Board to ensure that INQAAHE’s strategic initiatives are conducted in accordance with stated policies and procedures;
  • to manage all aspects of the INQAAHE’s public interactions with diplomacy, collegiality, and discipline;
  • to monitor INQAAHE’s revenue streams and expenditures and works within carefully established accounting processes to ensure clarity of all financial transactions within the annual audits;
  • to work tirelessly to increase the revenues as well as expansion of the INQAAHE outreach and impact in all the regions all over the world;
  • to assist in the development of draft budgets for Board review and approval;
  • to maintain appropriate records and prepares reports pertaining to reviews, materials, questions, and other information necessary for maintenance and continual improvement of the GGP review process;
  • to assist the INQAAHE Recognition Committee in the development and delivery of training sessions and materials related to the GGP application and review process;
  • to oversee the timeliness of submissions for INQAAHE funded research and serves as the supervisor of selected fellows;
  • to attend international meetings and assists with the delivery of content as needed.
  • to serve as a key staff liaison to other internationally-focused groups such as UNESCO, CIQG, regional QA networks;
  • to manage any other business as per the request of the INQAAHE Executive Committee.