INQAAHE is proud to introduce INQAAHE TALKS, an ongoing series of webinars focusing on global and regional issues presented by local and international experts providing insight and foresight on quality assurance matters. With this series, INQAAHE aims to connect its membership with the broader international higher education community to discuss today’s pressing issues.  

At a time of rapid change in higher education, the Network sees it crucial for the international quality assurance community to engage with all key stakeholders to collectively reflect on shared challenges and share insights and best practice, with a view to ensuring that higher education and quality assurance continue to serve the best interest of our increasingly interconnected communities.

Currenty, there are two streams of INQAAHE Talks: General Interest stream, that aims to serve INQAAHE's global membership by focusing on targeted and current issues; and Regional Focus stream, which will delve deeper into issues of regional interest and will be presented in partnership with regional network partners.

The first webinar of this series, entitled Reimagining Quality Assurance in the 'New Normal', is co-organised with the Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ANQAHE) and will be held on March 17 at 13:00 GMT.