INQAAHE Conference 2023
Roadmap to Enabling Quality in Tertiary Education 2030

May 29, 2023, 5:00-6:30 PM local time


Exploring INQAAHE Regional Networks Cooperation

Regional Networks Meeting


INQAAHE seeks productive and useful engagement with Regional Networks to strengthen mutual efforts and experiences in our common sphere. INQAAHE believes in joining forces for the benefit of the QA community. The Regional Networks Meeting at the 2023 Conference in Astana aims to shape such engagements in the future.

The meeting is structured around a series of discussions, facilitated by INQAAHE and based on the interventions of the on-site and remote networks. This meeting will be held on-site and remotely.

- Representatives of Regional Networks
- Deb Adair, INQAAHE President
- Susanna Karakhanyan, Immediate Past President
- INQAAHE Secretariat: Fabrice Hénard (Chief Executive Officer), Beatriz Calzada, María Fernández


  1. Introduction of the participants
  2. Objectives of the meeting and rationale
  3. Regional Networks consultation held in March 2023
    • Presentation of the consultation results and possible areas for cooperation with INQAAHE
  4. INQAAHE's objectives in cooperating with Regional Networks
    • ​Presentation of INQAAHE Strategic Plan 2023-2027
    • INQAAHE activities likely to include and value Regional Networks
    • Identification of alignment between Regional Network goals and INQAAHE activities
  5. Timing and modalities
    • ​Discuss the appropriate timing and how to start cooperating
    • Discuss the range of cooperation modalities: information sharing, projects and mutual learning
  6. Conclusions and next steps
    • Emerging cooperation modalities
    • Identifying next steps for planning mutual engagement


INQAAHE Conference 2023 is sponsored by KazMunayGas, a platinum sponsor, the Education & Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC), a gold sponsor, Astana Development, a bronze sponsor, and Kazakh Tourism.