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Mohammad Zahran Hassoneh - PGMEP
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Mohammad Zahran Hassoneh


The Proffesional Gloubal for managing Educational projects (PGMEP) operates as an independent accreditation organization working in accordance with the principles of internationally accepted regulations to satisfy the needs of both certifying and certified. We bring a new and pragmatic approach to the accreditation process. In many other countries the maintenance of educational standards is a governmental function. Due to the numerous recognized benefits, most eligible institutions in this and other regions have sought to become accredited.

The PGMEP accreditation process aims at institutions developing and sustaining effective educational programs. The goal is to the educational community, the general public, and relevant organizations that an accredited institution has met high standards of quality and effectiveness. The PGMEP accredits institutions, not individual programs. Therefore, in addition to assessing the academic quality and educational effectiveness of institutions, PGMEP emphasizes innovative institutional structures, processes, and resources.

PGMEP works in the field of development and educational, administrative and technological consulting by modern means and judicial and diplomatic studies , Under the supervision of the consultant Dr. Eng. Mohamed Zahran Hassouna, and registered with the Ministry of National Economy under the Commercial Register No. 901577288 , which classified as category 41 which related to education, training, Seminars Management, conferences, sports, cultural and academic activities.
Dr Hassoneh is also registered in Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the # NAB10620 and for the same purpose and activity.

He is a Arbitrator , Certified and Registered in the Palestinian Ministry of Justice in category 1 under No. 138 and representative of many international bodies licensed in the relevant countries.


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Commercial Registration No. 901577288
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Proffesional Gloubal PGMEP
Ministry of National Economy
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