INQAAHE Forum 2022
Sustainable Quality Assurance: Optimizing Synergies between Artificial and Human Intelligence

June 6, 2022 at 09:30 Mexico City time


The workshop will be organised into two moments. The first one will be a brief introduction to the topic where the facilitator will raise questions that pertain to the linkages (or lack thereof) between QA and data management at institutional level, and national policy making. The second one will be an open exchange organised around the issues identified in the first one. 

Participants will be asked to reflect on their own institutional situation and link it to issues that go beyond the institutional dynamics and refer to public ends enrooted in understating education as a human right. 

Co-facilitated by:

César Guadalupe

Professor at Universidad del Pacífico (Peru). EdD (University of Sussex); MA Social and Political Thought (University of Sussex); Sociologist (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú). 

His major area of expertise is the linkage between education and polity development focused on citizenship development and culture. He has worked extensively in quantitative and qualitative research and data analysis at subnational, national and international level. 

He has been member of the Peruvian National Education Council (2017-2020) and its Chair (2017-2020); non-resident Fellow at the Brookings Institution; member of the Advisory Board for the Global Learning XPRIZE (2014-2019); editor of the Revista Peruana de Investigación Educativa (2017-2019) and member of its Editorial Board (2017-2022); member of the International Review of Education’s Editorial Board (2015-2022); and member of the Studies in the Education of Adults´ International Editorial Board; (2020-); and associate member at the Centre for International Education – University of Sussex (2013-). 

Between 2001 and 2012 he was a UNESCO official (2007-2012), leading the learning outcomes measurement programme at its Institute for Statistics, Previously, he worked for nine years at the Peruvian Civil Service. A list of his publications is available at


Anna Prades

Dr. Anna Prades is Head of Internationalisation and Knowledge Generation Department of AQU Catalunya, where she has been working since 2001. She has a degree in Psychology (1996) and a PhD in Pedagogy (2005) from the University of Barcelona.
She has been active in designing quality assessment methodology, e.g. methodology for joint degrees following the European approach and designing good-practices guidelines. She has been involved, among other European projects related to the improvement of employability in Higher education, (Skills4Employability, Employability for Programme Development, Instruments at Support for Labor Market and Higher Education), in the project IMPALA, which purpose was to devise an assessment methodology of the impact of External Quality Assurance procedures. She has several publications derived from her involvement in the aforementioned studies as well as the projects in which she has participated.
During the last years, her main endeavour in AQU Catalunya has been the building up of a system of evidences for quality assurance (official descriptors, academic indicators, assessment results, graduates and employer surveys) and the integration of these indicators in a platform for public information in order to generate trust in the Catalan Higher Education System (EUC studies).
She has been a lecturer for two academic years in the Master's Degree in Quality Assessment and Management in Higher Education at the Open University of Catalonia (supported by INQAHHE), where she designed and taught The quality of higher education: concept, dimensions, evaluation and improvement. She has also recently participated as Secretary for an INQAAHE GGP review panel.


INQAAHE Forum 2022 is sponsored by uPlanner (silver category), SUMADI (silver category) and Santander (gold category).