INQAAHE Forum 2022
Sustainable Quality Assurance: Optimizing Synergies between Artificial and Human Intelligence

June 8, 2022 at 10:30 Mexico City time


Globally, the phenomenon of university dropout is observed in all universities and its effects are felt in different aspects. Factors leading to university dropout may be of a various facets like student background (CGPA trend, waiver, class and lab performance so on), income level, historical background of parents, counseling services adaptability to the university, low. Universities ought to cope with these parameters and adapt and develop prevention and intervention services so that students' retention rate rises. Daffodil International University attempts to identify best possible solutions for lowering at least level of these phenomenon. 

Students’ dropout solution is a unique tool, being used by faculty members of Daffodil International University (DIU) to check the status of each student regarding the overall scenario, using 64 different parameters and employing sentiment analysis as well. It’s an Artificial Intelligence (AI) operated module designed to evaluate the dropout tendencies among students and has been using to find out the real reason which will facilitate concerned faculty members to take right and correct measures, accordingly and paves the way for improvement against challenges. 

This AI based students’ dropout solution will direct the user to see three categories on dropout probability (Red: High Probability; Yellow: Moderate Probability and Green: Safe Zone Student) which facilitates to take prior solution. The system synchronizes with the smartedu ( peripheral of DIU which has been introduced to transform all the process of the university (academic and administrative) into digital platform.

Presented by:

Dr. Mohamed Emran Hossain

Dr. Mohamed Emran Hossain was born during 1978 in a respectable Muslim family of Bangladesh. In 2020, he has been awarded Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. He has completed his Bachelor and Master’s degree from the University of Dhaka and also did another Masters from Turin University, Italy. Dr. Hossain’s key professional areas are Higher Education Management, Internationalization, Mobility & Quality Assurance, Donor Funded Project Design & Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation (IME). In academic research arena, he has contributed lot as a good number of research articles of Dr. Hossain were published in referred journals with high impact factor. Dr. Hossain has attended many international conferences all over the world and has presented his research papers as well.


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