INQAAHE Forum 2022
Sustainable Quality Assurance: Optimizing Synergies between Artificial and Human Intelligence

June 8, 2022 at 14:00 Mexico City time


As the global digital transformation (of seemingly everything) advances into the classroom, we are constantly alarmed by dire predictions. Are these benign bits of technology Silver Bullets that will empower and lift learners to new levels of performance? Or, are they Killer Apps bent on scorching and devouring the teacher/student relationship as we have known it for centuries? How will the Golden Paradigm of classroom-based instructional quality be changed? The application of Artificial Intelligence to education is in its infancy. While the current state of AI is not as smart as we think it is, its potential to alter our instructional and learning norms is substantial.

Facilitated by:

Myk Garn

Myk Garn is an academic innovator and strategist. His mission and passion is discovering who will put the System out of business – and what needs to do about it. In his career, Dr. Garn has worked at colleges, state systems, regional collaboratives, and national organizations. He currently holds appointments as a Visiting Scholar at the Center for 21st Century Universities at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is a Senior Associate at the Georgia Research Alliance. 

Dr. Garn focuses on the New Learning Models that occur in the opportunity spaces where teaching and learning are catalyzed by technology including competency-based education (CBE), adaptive courseware, learning analytics, and AI assistants. These include: (i) Precision Academics and Digital Forward instructional design and development of highly instrumented and personalized courses informed by learning analytics; (ii) AI and the 21st Century Workforce, where he is Co-PI on an NSF Convergence Accelerator project (SkillSync) that aligns company skills with college competencies increasing the speed and accuracy of reskilling of American Workers; and (iii) Principal Investigator at the AI Institute for Adult Learning and Online Education (AI-ALOE) an NSF National Institute for AI research. 

Previously Dr. Garn served as Vice President for Academic Strategies for StraighterLine; as Director of the Educational Technology Cooperative at the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB); founding Chief Academic Officer and later Executive Director of the Kentucky Virtual Campus; Associate Vice President for eLearning at the Kentucky Council for Postsecondary Education; Director of Distance Education Policy and Planning for the University System of Georgia, and Executive Director of the Instructional Technology Development Center at Lamar University. 

Dr. Garn developed the SREB/iNACOL National Online Teacher of the Year program.  He co-authored the landmark “Virtual College and University Consortia: A National Study;” while completing his doctorate in gubernatorial policy entrepreneurship in higher education reform.  Dr. Garn holds a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Evaluation from the University of Kentucky, a Master of Arts in Educational System Design from Michigan State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooks Institute. 


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