INQAAHE Conference 2023
Roadmap to Enabling Quality in Tertiary Education 2030

May 30, 2023


Sub-theme 2 Digitalization of teaching and learning without compromising quality

Multi-Speaker session


Development of new quality assurance guidelines for online learning

QQI is currently developing new statutory quality assurance (QA) guidelines for blended and online learning. This initiative will build on QQI’s current guidelines for blended learning and will incorporate guidance for quality assuring programmes which are designed for fully online delivery and assessment. The development of these new guidelines for providers aims to build on the learning and lessons gained, both nationally and internationally, from the emergency pivot to online learning in response to public health restrictions imposed during the pandemic. Following an extensive research phase on national and international practice, the guidelines will be published for consultation. On completion of the consultation phase, new quality assurance guidelines for blended and online learning will be published in 2023.

Facilitated by:

Dr. Bryan Maguire

Dr. Bryan Maguire is Director of Integration at Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). He has worked in QQI and its predecessor agency HETAC since 2005. Previously he was Head of School of Creative Technologies at Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Ireland and lectured in Bangor University, Wales from 1991-98. Dr. Maguire holds a bachelor degree in psychology from University College, Dublin and a PhD from the University of California, San Francisco. An internationally recognized expert on qualifications frameworks and quality assurance he has served numerous advisory and review groups, including the European Qualifications Framework advisory group and the Bologna Thematic Peer Group on quality assurance.


Hybrid-Teaching in Hong Kong Higher Education Under COVID-19 Pandemic: Quality of Teaching and Learning


The sudden epidemic has disrupted the traditional teaching model of higher education. Most universities in Hong Kong adjusted their teaching methods in the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hybrid-teaching mode was adopted during the epidemic due to interrupting the course and considering the safety factors of teachers and students. Under the hybrid-teaching model, students can either participate in class in person or online. However, there remain inadequate measures for hybrid teaching to support both students and faculty members. This study aims to analyze the educational assistance provided by Hong Kong universities, investigate the quality and challenges of hybrid-teaching, and provide recommendations on the improvement of hybrid-teaching mode.

Facilitated by:


Ph.D student in National Chengchi University Taiwan, his main research area is about comparative study in different country IB school.





The Use of Learning Analytics in HEI

The presentation will discuss ways to assure quality in digital times. To begin with, it will briefly be illustrated how FIBAA’s certification “Excellence in Digital Education” focuses on digitalisation of quality assurance. The presentation will address some of the learnings we have made in previously certified cases. One major topic in this context is the use of learning analytics. We have found that –while increasingly gaining attention –the use of learning analytics currently happens at very different levels of experience at Higher Education institutions. We will illustrate this by presenting some examples as well as findings from a recent FIBAA survey. In conclusion, we will show how the FIBAA certification can help universities to develop further in the digitalisation of quality assurance of which the use of learning analytics is one component.


Mag. Diane Freiberger, MBA

I have been involved in higher education for more than 25 years. I started as a lecturer at the Catholic Academy for Social Work in Munich. After that, I took a brief detour into business and was a PR manager for six years.  In 2006, I returned to the field of university management. Before I took over the management of FIBAA, I was Managing Director of the Business School at the University of Applied Sciences and for the last five years I was also Vice Rector at this university. In the course of all these activities, I have been involved in quality assurance issues, especially in the area of digital transformation of teaching and learning. In recent years, I have been involved in national and international study projects and conferences on these topics and have published on them.


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