INQAAHE Conference 2023
Roadmap to Enabling Quality in Tertiary Education 2030

May 30, 2023


Sub-theme 1 Fostering quality of flexible learning pathways

Interactive session


One Path is a Narrow Journey

For too long society has toldstudents that the only path to success is to take the “traditional” route and to go to college to earn a baccalaureate degree. In so doing we have steered far too many students down a wrong path not suited to them as individuals or worse told students who choose a different path that they are “non-traditional” or “alternative.” In the higher education quality assessment world, we need to promote the importance of multiple opportunities and pathways for students and to help create a level-playing field that equates success based on individual preferences and not on archaic notions and assumptions about what success means. Creating a quality assurance framework that promotes the importance of vocational education, trades, and work and which supports programs that design stair-step and lifelong learning opportunities is an essential component of building strong and sustainable societies and economies.

Facilitated by:

Dr. Michale S. McComis

Dr. McComis is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer for ACCSC. His tenure with ACCSC began in 1994 and he has spent the last 28+ years working towards helping to make schools and opportunities for students better through the accreditation process. His efforts are focused on identifying best practices, developing leadership, and driving institutional improvement, student achievement, and student-centered approaches to quality education.

Michale oversees ACCSC’s accreditation process for over 650 institutions focused on career and vocational education and is an advocate for establishing multiple quality pathways to student success through postsecondary education. Michale has served on several task forces and groups looking at issues such as quality credentials, emerging providers, and expanding opportunities for students. Michale has also testified in Congress and served as a negotiator for federal rulemaking on multiple occasions.

Michale earned his BA in History, Master of Education, and Doctor of Education degrees from the University of Virginia. Before going to college, Michale served in the United States Marine Corps and worked in the trades as an electrician’s apprentice and HVAC Technician.


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