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The International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021 - thirty years of contribution to global tertiary education quality assurance, thirty years of spreading quality culture, thirty years of bridging the rich diversity of systems worldwide, thirty years of pioneering and outstanding achievements that pave solutions for current and future success stories of tertiary education systems worldwide.

At INQAAHE we have come up with a series of memorable events and activities to celebrate the outstanding 30 years of achievements.

Stay tuned and block your calendars for the events we have prepared!!!

We very much look forward to celebrating this major event with you!

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Series 1
30 years of spreading the culture of quality around the globe: evolutionary trends


17th of March

The DNA of QA: the 10 Es and Beyond.

Throughout the last thirty years, the higher education system and its quality assurance have undergone major disruptions leading to the need to reimagine, re-invent and redesign the diverse aspects of higher education to enhance relevance, trust and credibility in performance. As the QA culture matured and honed, driven by the diversity of cultures worldwide, INQAAHE has been serving its members by guiding and bridging diversity of QA systems – thus a QA peculiar DNA evolved.

The panel discussion with the Presidents of INQAAHE on the DNA of QA with its building blocks evolving around Emergence, Economics, Evaluation, Enhancement, Excellence, Effectiveness, Engagement, Essence, Efficiency, Exceptional and beyond will respectively address the whole journey the global QA has been through, its disruptions, solutions and prospects. Additionally, it will provide an opportunity to the participants to address their inquiries and questions related to the potential ways to tackle important E concepts related to the system specific needs throughout its emergence, evolution, and sustainable enhancement.

Chair of panel:

Susanna Karakhanyan

Current President





Jacques l'Écuyer

Past President




David Woodhouse

Past President

“INQAAHE has grown and developed from a group of individuals with mutual interests and concerns, to a professional body with its code of conduct and services to members. It has led changes and facilitated changes, and met the challenges constantly thrown up by the varying higher education and political landscapes.”


María José Lemaitre

Past President

INQAAHE provided me with one of the richest professional experiences in my life. There I met the people who gave QA its foundations and generously shared their knowledge and experience. It made me part of an international community with similar goals, which allowed me to learn from my own and their successes and failures. I met different cultures and approaches, and I hope that made me more open to innovation and change. And last, but not least, through INQAAHE I met wonderful people and made some close friends - a precious gift!


Carol Bobby

Past President

"For 3 decades, INQAAHE has been at the forefront of addressing equity issues in higher education through the development and improvement of quality assurance processes around the world. As a global network of QA professionals, INQAAHE was founded on the premise that all countries and regions must be able to provide quality educational programs to their citizens if they are to thrive and grow in our increasingly global and economically interdependent world."


Jagannath Patil

Past President

"For me INQAAHE has been a dream that would engage with evolving aspirations beyond borders. I believe that Equilibrium of ‘Quality with Equality‘ and ‘Equity with Excellence’, can exploit enormous potential of INQAAHE as the voice of global higher education quality assurance fraternity."



7-9th of June

Evolution of QA in Higher Education: past lessons and new realities. 

Online mode.


1-9th of October

The Future is Now: the INQAAHE new normal, sustainability and enhanced opportunities for members.

Live event in Barcelona: official opening ceremony for the INQAAHE permanent Secretariat.



Series 2
Success Stories: the INQAAHE way of promoting quality culture globally



GGP alignment benefits and opportunities: case studies from members.

One day event. Online mode.



QAP: benefits and opportunities for professional growth.

One day event. Online mode.


1-10th of December

Funding scheme: INQAAHE’s way of promoting QA.

One day event. Online mode.