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INQAAHE Forum 2016

From 22nd- 24th May 2016, INQAAHE will organise its Biennial Forum in Sigatoka, Fiji. The Forum host is the Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC). The main Forum theme is “Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Challenging Times”.

Early registration is available until March 31st, 2016. Take the chance and visit http://www.inqaahefiji.fhec.info/

Registration Member fee (USD) Non-Member fee (USD)
Early Discount 350 380
Regular 400 430
Registration Member fee (USD) Non-Member fee (USD)
Early Discount 500 570
Regular 600 670

INQAAHE – Sunday 22nd May to Tuesday 24th May 2016 (Whereby the Sunday will be registration and pre-board meetings and Monday is the commencing of the Forum).

APQN – Wednesday 25th May to Friday 27th May 2016 (Whereby the Wednesday will be registration and pre-board meetings and Thursday is the commencing of the Conference).

Expressions of interest in hosting the INQAAHE biennial Forum 2018

The INQAAHE Board seeks expressions of interest from member agencies in hosting the biennial forum of 2018. Agencies interested in hosting an event should note that it is not the practice to hold events in the same region or continent where a recent conference or for forum took place.

Submission of proposals to host the forum should be made to the Board of INQAAHE through the network Secretariat. There will be a two-step process for members interested in hosting the 2018 INQAAHE Forum, with the first step being the submission of a formal letter of intent with the preliminary proposal. The letter of intent and the preliminary proposal must be submitted electronically, using the attached form, to secretariat@inqaahe.org by January 31, 2016.

Call for research proposals 2015-2016

INQAAHE is allocating 2500 USD for supporting the preparation of three research papers or essays, in accordance with the Terms of reference available here.

The final papers will be published in the journal Quality in Higher Education.


The research proposals, mid-term and final papers are to be submitted to the INQAAHE Secretariat at secretariat@inqaahe.org by the following deadlines:

  • The proposals should be submitted by October 1, 2015
  • The mid-term paper should be submitted by 30th January, 2016
  • The final paper should be submitted by March 31st, 2016.

The successful applicant will be notified by October 31st, 2015.


All INQAAHE members, whether full or associate. Affiliates may also apply.


  1. New modes for quality assurance in well-developed systems;
  2. Independence of quality assurance decisions;
  3. Diversity of approaches to institutional and academic programme quality assurance including new modes of study (e.g. e-learning, MOOCS);
  4. External quality assurance and its impact on internal quality management;
  5. Impact of international accreditation on newly developing systems;
  6. Quality assurance of external quality assurance;
  7. Impact of quality assurance on teaching and learning; to what extent the latter promotes relevance to the socio-economic needs;
  8. The extent, nature and effectiveness of cross-border quality arrangements (assurance/accreditation/validation);
  9. Mutual recognition of accreditation decisions in political, academic and legal terms.


  • Studies or research projects referring to one of the topics outlined above. These must follow an empirical approach, and report on the results of research projects or case studies.
  • Essays, covering an original discussion of one of the topics in this call for papers. They can refer to theoretical or methodological discussions, an analysis of published research, or of good (or bad) practices.
  • Innovative experiences, which present, analyse and discuss these practices and their relevance to the enhancement of quality assurance processes.


  • Importance of the research questions/objectives to INQAAHE and their alignment with the focus of this call for proposals;
  • Research must go beyond studies of “perceptions” and attempt to gather outcome evidence;
  • Contribution to the body of knowledge;
  • Theoretical framework;
  • Consistency in the design and methodology;
  • Feasibility and suitability of the plan of action, including timelines and deadline for completion;
  • Adherence to the Research Proposal outline provided in the Terms of reference.
  • Qualifications of the primary researcher(s) and other people involved in the project.
  • Appropriateness of budget requirements for the study.


SAVE THE DATE! Fiji welcomes the INQAAHE Forum 2016 from May 22 to 24

Fiji is blessed with 333 marvelous islands some populated, some not. Located in the South Pacific, the Fiji islands equip the tropical atmosphere hidden in a paradise that is real. White sandy beaches, soft coral diving and swaying coconut trees are waiting to be explored, with things to see and do that appeal to all kinds of travelers.

The Fiji Higher Education Commission takes pride in hosting the INQAAHE Forum. Registration and further information will be available soon.

Advertisment for consultants in Samoa

The Samoa Qualifications Authority is coordinating and implementing a TVET support programme under the Samoa-Australia Partnership for Development. The programme aims to “increase the number of skilled Samoans available to fill priority workforce needs”.

Applications close on MONDAY, 10 AUGUST 2015 @ 4pm at the office of the Samoa Qualifications Authority.

Assessment and Demonstration of Achieved Learning Outcomes

The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) organizes, together with the Dutch Ministry of Education, a Peer Learning Event on the Assessment and Demonstration of Achieved Learning Outcomes.

Website of the event

UNESCO Prize for Microbiology

 Call for nominations: Carlos J. Finlay UNESCO Prize for Microbiology

Funded by the Government of Cuba, the Prize aims to reward the efforts of an individual, or of an institution, non-governmental organization or other entity which, through research and development, has made an outstanding contribution to the field of microbiology (including immunology, molecular biology, genetics, etc.) and its applications.

Deadline for submissions: 15 July 2015

UNESCO website

Contact :
Tel.: +33 1 1
Fax: +33 1
E-mail: carlosjfinlayprize@unesco.org

INQAAHE President's address at General Assembly and Conference at Chicago

Consult Dr Jagannath Patil, INQAAHE President, speech at Conference at Chicago, on 1st April 2015.

2015 INQAAHE BIENNIAL CONFERENCE: Keynote speakers presentations


Judith S. Eaton, President, CHEA


Antony Stella, QA Expert


Hans de Wit, Director, Centre for Higher Education Internationalization


Sofiane Sahraoui, President, Arab Governance Institute

Bid to host the INQAAHE Conference of 2017

The Board of INQAAHE seeks expressions of interest from member agencies in hosting the biennial conference of 2017. Agencies interested in hosting an event should note that it is not the practice to hold events in the same region or continent where a recent conference or for forum took place.

Submission of proposals to host the forum should be made to the Board of INQAAHE through the network Secretariat. There will be a two-step process for members interested in hosting the 2017 INQAAHE Conference, with the first step being the submission of a formal letter of intent with the preliminary proposal. The letter of intent and the preliminary proposal must be submitted electronically, using the attached form, to secretariat@inqaahe.org by January 23, 2015.

Please read the document entitled Requirements for hosting a conference or forum ((included in the attached INQAAHE Conference Bid Overview) prior to submitting the preliminary proposal. This document will provide an overview of the review and decision-making process to be followed with regard to the handling of all submitted proposals.

The review of preliminary proposals will be completed by February 13, 2015. At that point in time, INQAAHE will notify all applicants of the decision to accept or reject the preliminary proposal. Those agencies whose preliminary proposals are accepted will be asked to complete a full application for review and decision-making by the entire General Assembly, as also explained in the document Requirements of hosting a Conference of Forum.

INQAAHE Election 2015. Results

About 150 INQAAHE members have participated in the Election process 2015 for INQAAHE Presidency and Board.

Jagannath Patil, President

Adviser in charge of National Assessment and Accreditation Council of India (NAAC)

Susanna Karakhanyan, Director

President of the Accreditation Commission of the National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance in Armenia; Quality Assurance Section Manager Abu Dhabi Education Council, the United Arab Emirates

Pauline Tang, Director

CEO&Director, Accreditation & Benchmarking, THE-ICE, Australia

Maiki Udam, Director

Development Manager, Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency (EKKA)

Martin Strah, Director

Director of Development and International Relations, National Commission of University Evaluation and Accreditation (CONEAU) Argentina

Yvonnette Marshall, Director

Executive Director, University Council of Jamaica (UCJ)

Jawaher al-Mudhahki, Director

Chief Executive, National Authority for Qualifications and Quality Assurance of Education & Training (QQA-Bahrain)

Erika Soboleva, Director

International Affairs Officer, AKKORK (Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance and Career Development), Russia

Scholarships for 2015 available

INQAAHE is delighted to inform its members that INQAAHE will be providing funds for qualified applicants from developing countries to enroll for a Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance at The University of Melbourne.

The Quality Assurance for Professionals Program is a one-year professionally-oriented graduate-level certificate intended to lead to internationally-trained expertise for people working in or interested in quality assurance or accreditation in higher education. Here you will find more information about the Program.

Please click here for more information about the scholarships and the apply instructions. The scholarship application closing date for a start in February 2015 is Friday, 28 November 2014.

Funding for LDC and LIC countries to attend the biennial Conference

People from less developed countries can apply for support from the INQAAHE development fund to attend the biennial INQAAHE Conference:


Applications need to be sent to secretariat@inqaahe.org by January 30, 2015. Applicants will be notified on February 6, 2015.

Call for nominations for the INQAAHE Board 2015

The terms of the current INQAAHE Board of Directors ends in March 2015. Hence INQAAHE calls for nominations for the INQAAHE Board. The election will be in two parts: namely for the President and for other Board members.

The Board of Directors manages the general affairs of the Network. The Board of Directors is composed of an elected President, an appointed Secretary, seven elected Directors, up to four co-opted Directors and the immediate Past President.

All Directors must be associated with a Full or Associate Member of the Network. At least two thirds of the Directors shall be from Full Member organisations. No two of the elected, appointed or co-opted Directors should be from the same member organisation.

Full and Associate Member organisations may submit nominations of candidates associated with Full and Associate Members of INQAAHE.

The nominees must signify their willingness to serve if elected, must indicate their interest in the position and what ideas they would bring, and must be able to dedicate adequate time to the task.

The Board’s work is mainly carried out electronically, and directors must be willing to contribute to these electronic discussions and decision-making. The amount of time varies, but directors should expect to contribute one or two hours per week.

In addition to the base work, INQAAHE has many project groups and special responsibilities, and each Board director is expected to be active in, and preferably lead, at least one of these. Directors should ensure that they have enough time to do justice to the task. This might be several hours per week at busy times for the project group.

Nominations should be accompanied by:

  •   Confirmation by nominee of agreement to serve if elected
  •   A biographical note, of the candidate, of not more than 250 words

2015 INQAAHE BIENNIAL CONFERENCE: Call for Papers and Poster Presentations

The International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies invites proposals for papers and poster for presentation during the 2015 INQAAHE Conference. Papers or posters may be either presentation of research or best practice experience based on a previous or newly introduced best practice or research. The best presentations should be interactive with a high level of participant engagement. Research-based presentations should include the appropriate research design and scientific methodology. Paper and poster proposals will be assessed by members of the Conference Program Committee for compliance with the criteria for acceptance.

Membership fees 2014 invoicing

Renewal INQAAHE Membership fee invoices for the 2014 will be sent by end of February 2014. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need to receive your invoice before this date.

We please ask you for your collaboration: We would be very pleased if you could check your organization details in your INQAAHE area in case you need to update your invoicing name and address. Please check as well the email address (in order to receive INQAAHE communications) and the main contact person of your organization.

On the other hand, if you need us to send your copy to different people/units in your organization please do send us the contact details and mail address to our general mail: secretariat@inqaahe.org.

Funding for attending the INQAAHE Forum 2014

INQAAHE has a limited budget allocated to assist its members from least developed countries to attend INQAAHE Conferences and Forums.

QA representatives wishing to apply for financial support from INQAAHE to attend the Biennial Forum should complete the following application form.

Deadlines are as follows:

  • Application due date: February 21
  • Review of applications: February 28
  • Notification to applicants: March 3-4

New INQAAHE bank account

INQAAHE Secretariat changed the Bank account number on October 2013 due to the Secretariat Transfer hosted by The Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency, AQU Catalunya from 1st of October 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

Please find below the new bank account for any future payment by bank transfer:

  • Holder: INQAAHE
  • Bank Name: CATALUNYA BANC, S.A (Bank code 2013)
  • Branch: DZ-BANCA INSTITUCIONAL (Branch code 1356)
  • Address: Plaça Antoni Maura, 6, 08003 Barcelona (Spain)
  • IBAN: ES11 2013 1356 8412 0000 0397
  • Current Account No.: 2013 1356 84 1200000397 (For non-European Community bank transfers)

Please do not use the previous INQAAHE Dutch bank account as it was closed on October 2013.

In case you need us to amend any old invoice do not hesitate to contact us and we will send it to you immediately.

INQAAHE Forum 2014

INQAAHE Forum 2014 (Tallinn, Estonia, May 26-28) website is available at http://archimedes.ee/inqaahe/. Registration is now open. 

Strategic Plan 2013-2017

This Strategic Plan draws on an in-depth analysis of the INQAAHE functioning and achievements in the period of 2007-2012. It is intended to provide an overview of the strategic priorities over 2013-2017 within the framework of the INQAAHE mission.

The Strategic Plan is organized around the INQAAHE’s goals for 2013-2017, for each of which specific objectives are illustrated. These will be further developed into discrete activities in the operational and yearly plans.

New Secretariat

We are delighted to inform you that the INQAAHE Secretariat will be hosted by The Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency, AQU Catalunya from 1 October 2013. AQU is situated in Barcelona, Spain.

AQU Congratulations!

The INQAAHE Conference 2015

During the General Assembly, three organisations presented their bids to host the INQAAHE Conference in 2015. We are pleased to announce that The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) will organise INQAAHE’s biennial Conference in the United States in 2015.

The INQAAHE Forum in 2014  will be hosted by EKKA, in Estonia.

GGP Aligned Agencies

INQAAHE is delighted to inform you that ASIIN (Germany) and NZUAAU (New Zealand) are comprehensively adhering to the INQAAHE Guidelines of Good Practice. They are added to the GGP database.

ASIIN and NZUAAU: Congratulations!

Congratulations CNA!

The National Accreditation Council of Colombia (CNA) is comprehensively adhering to the INQAAHE Guidelines of Good Practice.

INQAAHE Forum 2012

The INQAAHE Members' Forum of 2012 was held on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 April in Melbourne, Australia. The Forum was hosted by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Over 130 participants from all over the world attended this biennial INQAAHE event.

You can find the Forum presentations here.

Congratulations HEQC and OCQAS!

The South African Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) and Ontario College Quality Assurance Service (OCQAS) from Canada are comprehensively adhering to the INQAAHE Guidelines of Good Practice.

Presentations online

The presentations that were given during the INQAAHE-ENQA Seminar (30 November-2 December, Brussels) are uploaded. Click here to consult them.

Website Makeover

We’re pleased to inform you that the INQAAHE website has undergone a major makeover.

In order to increase the user friendliness of our website a revision of the content and online applications has been carried out during the last months.

The INQAAHE Board has also decided to renew the INQAAHE logo and as a result the website design corresponds with the colors of the new logo.

We hope you will enjoy our improved website!


Happy 20th anniversary!

We invite you to read Postcards to INQAAHE, the celebratory publication marking 20 years of INQAAHE.

Latest Event: INQAAHE's Biennial Conference

From the 4th till the 7th of April 2011 INQAAHE's biennial Conference was held in Madrid, Spain. The Conference theme was "Quality Assurance Foundation for the Future". View Conference website and presentations that were held during the conference.


Congratulations CAA!

The Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the United Arab Emirates is the 5th agency that comprehensively adheres to the INQAAHE Guidelines of Good Practice (GGP). 


INQAAHE is going down under!

The INQAAHE Forum of 2012 will be organised in the week of 16-20 April in Melbourne, Australia.

Fourth agency to be found into alignment with INQAAHE Guidelines of Good Practice

The Sistema Nacional de Acreditacion de la Educacion Superior (SINAES) from Costa Rica, is the fourth agency that comprehensively adheres to the INQAAHE Guidelines of Good Practice (GGP). Click here to consult the review report

An overview of the agencies aligned with the Guidelines can be found here.

Changes in the Constitution

In a recent vote, members have approved the proposed amendments to the Constitution which were discussed in Namibia. The main changes are to return to having two membership categories (Full and Associate) and to give Associates some voting rights in the General Assembly. There is also some strengthening of the wording in relation to membership of the Board. Please consult the new Constitution here.