Support for Small States

In 2008-2009, the INQAAHE Task Force on Small States carried out a situational analysis on specific needs for quality assurance of small states. Based on the results of the study, that identified a number of challenges small states face in the full implementation of quality assurance, INQAAHE proposes to initiate a series of capacity development activities in QA for small states.

As a part of that initiative, INQAAHE, in collaboration with the World Bank and UNESCO (through GIQAC), has set up an internship program. In 2010 six internships have been organised and due to the positive feedback received it has been decided to organise in 2011 three internships for small states representatives from developing countries.

At the moment we are searching for agencies willing to offer an internship between 2 and 4 weeks and at the same time we would like to invite small states representatives from QA agencies in developing countries to apply for an internship. Please find below both calls.