QA Graduate Program (QAP)

The massive increase in external and internal quality assurance (QA) activity over recent decades, together with the associated thinking about it, have created a new profession that requires a structured academic discipline and programs to educate quality assurance professionals, stimulate research, and produce new initiatives.

However, there is very little education and training for the QA profession and  its professionals. INQAAHE has now begun to fill this gap through the  creation of a comprehensive program for the training and professional development of QA professionals. INQAAHE, through the considerable expertise of its members, has created materials that are available free on this website. The materials are intended as public advice and assistance in capacity-building in quality assurance and were developed by experts from around the world.

INQAAHE developed these materials with a grant from the World Bank and with support from UNESCO, which were provided to underscore the importance of developing new quality assurance systems through international cooperation among new and established quality assurance agencies.

The program consists of 4 different modules:

  • Higher Education in a global world: The context of Quality Assurance: The context of Quality Assurance
  • External Quality Assurance: What is quality and how has it been implemented in different countries
  • Operating an External Quality Agency: Practical training in the structure and management of quality assurance agencies around the world
  • Maintaining Quality within the institution: Assessing learning, conducting a self-study, and using data

The text of the program is available on the INQAAHE website and any organisations and institutions are invited to use any or all of it.

Note of understanding

Before you can access the course materials you first have to state that you have read, understood, and agreed to the following note of understanding:

"The materials posted on the INQAAHE website for quality assurance professionals are intended as public advice and assistance in capacity-building in quality assurance. Any person or organisation that uses them should acknowledge INQAAHE as their source. No program, degree, workshop or other training can be offered as certified or otherwise approved by INQAAHE unless INQAAHE has individually reviewed and approved it."

"INQAAHE has not obtained copyright permission for use of materials not already in the public domain, and such permission should be obtained if required by the manner in which you intend to use the materials."