Throughout its two decades of existence, INQAAHE has contributed to the development of the QA profession and of QA professionals. Among other activities, it has supported individuals in their professional development through the creation of the graduate certificate course in QA, and through the placement of individuals as interns for short periods with more experienced QA agencies.

Although INQAAHE is not essentially an educational organisation, we take a continuing interest (and pride) in these students and interns, and wish to know about, and to continue to support, their future careers (whether in QA, as of course we hope, or in some other field). In that sense, INQAAHE sees these students and interns as ‘INQAAHE Alumni’.

INQAAHE Alumni receive INQAAHE’s quarterly newsletter, and are eligible to attend the biennial INQAAHE fora, even if not working for an INQAAHE member organisation. There is an opportunity for alumni present to gather and share experiences at these INQAAHE events.

Input and comments from alumni are always welcome. Comments directed to the Secretariat are referred to an INQAAHE Director who will respond.