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Good Practice Template Guidelines

Please use these guidelines when preparing submissions for the GPQA Database. Type your information into the accompanying fields and save by pressing the submit button. Note that some fields are optional.
You can submit your practice in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.
If you choose to submit your practice in another language than English you need to include a short summary of the practice in English that needs to be written in the 'practice' text box
May we kindly ask you to limit the amount of words used in order to enhance the utility of the Database to its readers. Advised limitations can be found on mouseover of the questionmarks next to the questions. You are also required to attribute your source(s).

To increase the usefulness and user-friendliness of the Database, we would like to encourage you to supply website addresses where appropriate. Submissions can also be enhanced by photos of contact people, pictures (including photos, graphs, charts, diagrams and tables), and supporting files such as policy or procedure documents. Please visit the AUQA Good Practice Database at to view the Good Practices already in that Database; the INQAAHE GPQA Database has been adapted from the AUQA database.

After submitting the template and related files they will be reviewed by referees. If the referees believe that changes to the text are required, we may approach the organisation's designated contact person for additional information, and further clarification. We may seek a final check from the organisation's contact person (via a secure web site) before publishing the Good Practice on the live web site.

If any of the contact details change over time, please let the INQAAHE Secretariat know or change your details through this website so that the Good Practice may be kept up to date. This will enable interested people to find out more information about the Good Practice.

Contact details

+[int. access code]-0[regional access code]-[rest of]

+[int. access code]-0[regional access code]-[rest of]

The Good Practice

Name of the QA agency *

Website *

Title of the good practice *

Purposes achieved by, or objective of, the good practice *

Context *

Practice *

Evidence of success, impact or realization of the objectives *

Resources required *




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